Star Beings

Two women getting together because they have been channeling the same beings. They recognize each other from a time that is beyond this reality, and create a bond that defies the laws of this world. It is the new energy of Gaia, it is the shift to fifth density coming true. Now the Star Beings have a message to humanity and they asked the soul sisters to joy in this adventure. You are invited!
(Image by Merita Bat Shoshan:
Once upon a time, in this particular planet, there was an entire civilization of enlightened consciousness. They were aware of oneness and of belonging to Creative source, therefore they felt loved and connected to one another and treated everyone in such abundance of understanding and kindness. They were a happy people who knew their true purpose and that purpose was to seed this Earth with a secret knowledge that would survive the millenia after they had been back to their homes. Their homes were many and varied, other orbs in the solar systems surrounding this one had been called upon the first humanities that sprouted here out of love for what was to take place.
These beloved brothers and sisters were here gathered in oneness, to love the Earth and the future generations to come after the opening of this solar system to what we refer as the great cycle of karmic rule. Now what is karma? Is the definition it was given so far, enough? For we see this simplistically laid down to justify some punishments that are thrown in your stories as the punishments from God. Men made God, this one that punishes in sadistic ways His or Hers beloved creatures. How would it be such love in coexistence with such god. That is the story in many religious books on Earth and we think they are somewhat intrinsically manipulative and dangerous.
Such ideas of a destructive god that is unable to love unconditionally are pure poison to your self perpetrating state of punishment. The tendency for humans on a 3D level to self abuse is enormous as it is in their natural state of being. For guilt is present as an unelaborated preview of what one day will be a sense of togetherness and the wish to belong. So taking in account one’s separation mechanism and recognizing the need to replace those for better behaviors causes unpleasant feelings regarding what has passed.
So a male inheritance of this perspective would be of such disbelief in how he had been treating women in his past, this recognition allows him to shift into a more loving attitude towards women from then on. But the impulse for this shift many times is presented in guilt and shame. This guilt and shame are inherent to this man’s condition because he sees things from a 3D perspective. He needs the uncomfortable emotion of guilt and shame to be driven into what can be better behavior and pattern of integration. The goal is but one, to love the next person more than he could love the previous one.
A woman might feel a lot of guilt and shame once she realized she has been codependent on a man that was “no good” to her needs. It is established by her own consciousness that she is guilty of allowing some abuse that happened, so she can move on into a healthier pattern of connection. She is going to go through the emotion of shame, perhaps often enough, until she finally finds the way to connect in a more fulfilling way to her next partner. Guilt and shame are a protection mechanism then, so she refuses to be abused and allows non abusive relationships instead. The goal is but one, to be in self respect so she can be respected and loved in a better way next time.
So guilt and shame are natural feelings, but the humans on Earth have been so manipulated into this karmic distortion that even guilt is put upon shame itself. Which means, shame of feeling shame. If that is the case, that god is punishing you for your mistakes, I ask of you who will love you then? How and from whom will you ever learn true love, if your own Creator is unable to love unconditionally? So either god is a bad god, or the karma law was misunderstood. Is karma a real law? Definitely yes. But the depth of it and the mechanism of it are but compassion and growth into new patterns of behaviors that might lead you to joy.
What karma is from our Star like perspective, for we are an evolved race but we are not God, is simply a coping mechanism from our own thoughts in what you named duality. So in what you perceive as duality, you have good and bad, right and wrong, what works and what doesn’t work, we can put it this way for clarity purposes. So, being an aggressive man doesn’t work in the pursue of joy and happiness, which means that man needs a shift in behavior. For that to happen he needs a process of understanding his behavior is not producing the desired effect of putting him in a loving partnership. His needs are not going to be fulfilled unless he shifts behavior.
In understanding that he will naturally dislike and oppose his previous behavior, and then he has the opportunity for evolution in the pattern of his relationships. It is a way of evolving, that is natural and inherited through generations of humanities all over the universe. It is a natural stage in understanding how to accomplish the desire of being loved. So this man has to feel the need to change, and so he dislikes his behavior and then he feels guilt and shame that will impulse him in the change. If his guilt in cultivated by a massive system that idolized guilt and shame as desirable, then he will interrupt the process and get stuck in this that was only supposed to impulse the jump to a better way.
Now this man is trapped into self hatred and self deprecation, he doesn’t believe he can be or act any better because love becomes unreal, a fantasy based on illusions. Since god doesn’t love the way god could because of a desire to punish, what is men kind able to do that is so little compared to it? So the man’s expectations on his ability to love and be loved were crushed in this belief system and he gets trapped for a very long time, repeating patterns that he knows are inappropriate for his consciousness level. Therefore you sum up guilt over doing what you already understand is not going to work, and it doesn’t work as you knew it wouldn’t and your guilt and shame grow exponentially.
The woman feels so powerless into her reduced capacity of loving and being loved that she quits the idea of being happy completely and satisfies herself with whatever scraps fall from someone’s table. She is miserable, but who is she to dream about loving and being loved in its fullness if this god she learned to believe in is unable to love unconditionally. It is only growing exponentially from the awareness of the situation on. The more aware, the more it hurts, the more it doesn’t work, for it never does, the more guilt and shame are added. And you have learned to call this abuse karma.
Karma is simply being aware of what can work better. Suddenly one realizes that something is not good, it brings discomfort where discomfort was not existing before. So it is possible to be critical of a situation and think that you believe that you deserve better and then you move on to search for the better you are able to see next. After being comfortable for a period in the new better, you go through discomfort again and pursue a new level of better. The discomfort, the unpleasantness are a means to wake someone up to a new level of better. The unpleasant is karma. Suddenly, the repetition of old patterns becomes not desirable, that is what karma is about, pushing into something better. And that is all that is.
No one punishes anyone, or at least shouldn’t. Punishing is such a waste of time and God, or Creation, or your higher selves, doesn’t matter how you understand it, God is love and infinite compassion. What does God want from you? Happiness! So the universe generated this amazing mechanism of discomfort every time you find yourself ready to jump to a new level of joy. Karma is the repetition of patterns that at some point become dysfunctional, what makes it dysfunctional but your awareness of the repetition being enough and the desire for growth? So jump from guilt and shame into the new pattern and karma is off. In a split second.
Doesn’t matter how long you have been in the old pattern and how many times you have done what you consider inappropriate now, it takes a split second to finish any karmic process once you jump to the next process. It is not about paying, it is about growing, so it is irrelevant if you committed that crime you accuse yourself on a million of times or only once, as long as you take the jump the karma has done its job. So it is imperative that you understand that God doesn’t punish, even because your concept of this god is so human and god is also another discussion. Revenge is a human behavior, God doesn’t even have a behavior since God is all there is and the source of all there is. So Good doesn’t follow human 3D behaviors.
In thinking that God is love and infinite compassion you must realize that self punishment and self deprecation are karma. A human mechanism of growth in this stage of consciousness that matches 3D realities. Not all of you perceive it this way and we know many of you who read us are way beyond in those truths of compassionate love. But there is a little part of you that was conditioned since childhood that is still trapped in there. We address this part of you that was bombarded with this distortions. The little you that is trying to survive despite the beliefs you embraced later in life, he or she is an aspect of you that still feels shame for not taking part in the general belief of your community.
Read this message twice if you have the time, we recommend it that the second time you read it out loud, thinking that the little you that was indoctrinated in the punishing god is listening and being brought to peace and contentment. Announce to the little you that is afraid in the corner of your soul that it is safe to have your won belief, one that matches what you carry in your divinity. Introduce your divine you to the little you and imagine them holding one another in pure safety and acceptance. The little you needs a lot of love and compassion, and to know that it only makes sense that God is loving and compassionate towards all creation.
We assure you that we too have been to something similar in at least one of our experiences. We were selected very carefully to come here, we had to know how it feels to be you, so we could teach you in a concrete manner. Our teachings are here to tell you how to achieve a more joyful and happy life and for that we have to see your life from your perspective before we introduce a new one. So we do it with such love and compassion, for we have been you and you could have been us before you dove in the darkness of forgetting. That is how we see what you call darkness, the lack of remembrance regarding God’s love and belonging.
That is all that you need to know about karma my dear humans, that it is a mechanism of discomfort that allows one to jump to a new pattern. So take it in this simplicity and use it to your advantage, to build new patterns of self love and self acceptance. If you are displeased with the way you did something in your past, change your ways of doing it and the karma is gone for ever. In a split second, and that is about it. It has fulfilled its job, therefore has nothing else to accomplish and disappears. Use the discomfort as a precious tool, grow in gratitude for the discomfort that showed you where to go. Unpleasant emotions map your unique path to happiness.
The Star Beings of 12D incarnation.

Merita 7


Star Beings – message 6

(Image by Merita Bat Shoshan:
This message is about love. Human love is equal to the feeling of all there is, even if this concept is difficult to be perceived as a reality. It is indeed possible to trace a comparison between human love and the love of all Creation. You might view love in your reality as something so distinct because of the emotions of fear that come with it. Living in the reality you do here and now equals a lot of suffering regarding loving one another, that is a fact, we see your pain and not only that, we have been you in our other lives.
So it matters that you know that we have been in your place many times. Often enough so we are in the know of exactly, precisely how it feels to have a broken heart. To long, to desire, to wait for someone who is too confused, too lost, to come to you. For there is no love without love. There is only love without the feeling, the belief of the deserving of love.
Many fall for the trap of believing they are not worthy, and yet, all are because love is the reason behind any desire and the reason you were created by the light of all there is. You are love, you are light, you are part of the love and light of Creative source. There is no separation, therefore there is no need to deserve to be loved, which is to say, there is no need to push yourselves into a lack of love because of your ability to recognize now how you are love itself.
Still there is the waiting for the soul who is stuck in lack of self worth. What can one do about the ones who are trapped in this pattern? You wonder in pain, that is real in your reality. That is real in any reality for we love so many of you in a personal way, not just as part of the whole. We have personal stories, individual incarnations with many who are in this level of incarnations now. Many of us from the Stars are also in the waiting. How do we wait in peace and joy if the waiting is the same for you as it is for us?
Listen to the soft voice of your divinity in you that tells you that there is no eternal wait, no eternal separation. And that in other realities and parallel lives you are together already, for you are one. The desire for union is a memory of a future that is not a future, it is a parallel reality. It is confusing knowledge we know. It is linear thinking fighting over multidimensional concepts. But think about this person you wait and try to picture a parallel life in which he or she has woken up already and you are in oneness. Take your time feeling this possibility, what if?
Did your body respond to that? Because beloved human, your body never hides the truth, it is a precise mechanism of telling what is, even if you don’t understand what is. True love is the wish for the other one’s happiness, for the other one to be in the light of his own empowerment and self worth, isn’t it? Or else it is not deserving of the name love. So if you know love, what love truly is, you will eventually find each other in oneness, because oneness is the destiny and it is happening right now.
Now how does this alter the suffering of waiting the ones you love dearly suffering in the shadows they are creating because they feel unworthy? First it gives you the sensation of what is real, for separation is an illusion. And by carrying that emotion, by practicing the act of carrying the emotion of togetherness, you co-create it, you Create it in the now.
How are you creating in the here and now by imagining a parallel life in which he or she has found self worth and allowed love in? By emanating a very concrete atomic energy. If you stay in this exercise just for a few minutes, you produce such powerful light that affects the other soul. Because my dears, another sign of true love is connection. Naming something love doesn’t make it so. Humans tend to distort this beautiful word and use it at random, then they call many things love that are nothing to do with love. Love is real connection. Without connection, it is something else.
True love feels whatever the other one feels. How? Soul connection creates energy connection that is not under your control. A basic premise of true love is feeling without words, is knowing without being physically next to one another. Insensibility, lack of knowledge about the other, those are serious signs that whatever you are naming love, isn’t. There is no such a thing as love without the knowing in invisible layers, in other densities and dimensions. True love taps dense matter but it inhabits the multi-dimensions of connection.
Do not, do not, do not, name love, something that only inhabits this present layer of reality that your five senses alone can grasp. Love is being matter, love is beyond atomic structure, love is in other realities, time-spaces and densities or dimensions. How do you know? You do, because it precedes your five senses and goes way, way beyond it. You don’t need to remember your other realities and existences to know you have them, and remember to tune in to your emotions, the ones that your body cannot deny you. Those are more real than what your poorly developed agreements are telling. It is way beyond and more powerful.
Mothers know that sometimes, not all mothers, but some do. They just know when their children need something or are happy about something even after they grow and are far away, physically. Because there is no distance to the energy of connection, it doesn’t matter how far away a son or a daughter moves to, if the love is true love, the body senses, the soul tells, and the explanation for this phenomena is unnecessary. You can use this motherly connection as a means to understand what we say love to be.
Close your eyes dear human, do you feel that person even when he or she is away, even when he or she is separated from you by death? If you do, then you are feeling true love. In this eternal connection, that defies your logic and your five senses you might find the comfort you seek. In realization that separation is an illusion in 3D, there is no separation. Togetherness defies your concepts of being with someone, and so, the pain of separation diminishes as you shift your concept of separation being just an illusion.
The day starts though, and you miss that person all the same as you go through your breakfast. We have been one of you many times. We know. But if in this moment you make a conscious choice to connect energetically, and you will at least try because we know who is reading. If you connect, higher self to higher self, divinity to divinity… Oh dear human, it will lessen, it will bring you joy and even a smile. It might bring you a tear or two but it wont be so bitter, it might be a sweetness that overflows for a moment. For you are for ever connected in case love is real.
Discernment comes also with this awareness of connection, because you were tricked dear human, to get entangled in many unpleasant things that are not necessary. You were led to carry guilts and responsibilities regarding people who told you they loved you. But think carefully about if and how the connections take place before you jump is this guilt and responsibility for a feeling that just is not real. You change your path, you sacrifice for someone who allegedly loves you, yet, is there a real connection?
This is a very practical teaching, so you can be very concrete in your pursue for happiness and joy. Don’t stay in so much suffering if you can have the objective of living a more fulfilling love. There is so much to connect out there dear human, so many of you desire to connect but you were in the dark about what love is, bumping and getting entangled in things and people who are not connection. They will be one day, all of you will remember and be light one day. But we wish to be practical today in our teaching and we say, human nature is of real belonging in oneness, wish and pursue what is your divine right. True connection, that is true love.
Blessings to all, compassion to all, but my dears, who enters your house? Who has exchanged energies with you in your intimacy? Analyze that, because you are in self worth or not. And if you choose now to be in self worth then you have to choose who is touching your intimacy. Spirituality is in the body, we stated it before and we state it again. Your body was created through your divine self, to be an enlightenment mechanism, so make an altar to your divine body and love what it is. And how can your divine body find health and balance and bring you joy if it is touched in disconnection every time it is being touched?
It is better not to be in touch for a while than to receive empty touch. The energy stays balanced in solitude, it gets unbalanced, dangerously sometimes, in disconnection. For false connections bring the expectation of something that happens backwards energetically, and then you get un-balance. Believe in real connections and listen, listen, listen to your deep emotions. Your bodies are unable to lie, just listen to this layer of you that is wiser than your concrete thoughts, many times the body knows better.
Now a last word on waiting, for those who cannot change free will, and many times there is nothing to be done but wait. Wait in the knowledge that connections are infinite, for ever lasting and abundant. In the end, there will not be couples or mothers and fathers, and there will not be death. Those topics are related to your density of matter, therefore, you might consider viewing the bigger picture before you feel hopeless. So it is possible to love many people in strange ways for your concrete relative societal rules.
Someone who was supposed to be a friend might feel as a mother, and a blood relative might feel as a nobody. A husband might be completely disconnected from his wife and feel connected to some other woman. That is your reality and you carry so much guilt about it and yet you find yourselves unable to change it one bit. Because dis-connection feels as it feels. Possession, status, roles and rules cannot create connection, or even fake it. Know that all go through this and those distortions are not distortions, they are the truth emerging behind the illusions.

Merita 6

Be truthful to your and in your divinity. The solution is always going through the truth that is in the divine you. The divine you has no shadow, has no lie, has no fear, it has but love and the desire of connection. Listen to your divinity and find better ways to live your concrete reality. The social rules were created a long time ago to rule over humanity in a way that is not proper, because the intention behind it was disconnection. Connect within, with your inner truth and self worth and the answers you need regarding the possibilities of love in your reality will come in clarity.
Your divine truth needs no justification and no excuse, what it needs is self worth. Be kind and compassionate with yourselves, be patient with everybody else, but if you don’t love yourself human, you will find very hard to be compassionate and kind to others. Everything becomes a sacrifice when you are not in self worth, and kindness is so easy for happy people. So do the world a huge, immense service, and pursue your individual love and connection, so you can be happy and loving in this Earth. The planet requests that you are happier now.
The Star Beings of 12th density incarnation


Star Beings – message 5

(Image by Merita Bat Shoshan:
Dear friends, it is an honor to bring such concepts about Creation. Eventfully it is what we have been waiting for over thousands of years. Maturity of humanity has reached a peak in this cycle of civilizations. For there has been a time of raised awareness in the past of Earth in which time and space dimensions were understood. But those souls had a different composition than we have nowadays. In the present reality, with the current group of souls, this is unprecedent.
So our writings might be difficult for some to get the meaning. We saw you reading it twice, the last message and we were pleased that you gave it the second reading because it was important to get the real understanding of it. The fabric of this reality is ingrained in your Creative capabilities in way that might seem overly compensating for your desempowered status. Humanity in this planet was suppressed of a knowledge of being creators of their own reality. Why? So power would solely be put in the hands of those who felt the need to control populations.
Time has come to set you free, in your minds and consciousness. Once you regain the power of knowing you are indeed in your own creations, you can take it back and those systems will crumble. You don’t need to judge, to stand against it, to even talk about it because it ceases to be of relevance once you reclaim your own power and you stay in this power. It is very simple, you act on what is behind the distortion and the distortion ceases to be. There is no need for any struggle.
Same action can be used in whatever issue regarding your personal lives. We taught you to go directly to the desires preceding any unpleasant feelings. That is a tremendous tool in practical life and how much joy you can have in your days. This third density reality requires that you remember over and over again to take the steps in being happy. Because the wish to be happy was deeply suppressed and made wrong. It is only right to believe happiness is selfish if you are the slaves of the old systems. Happy people are generous without effort, unhappy people are martyrs, deep inside, martyrdom is still ego based. The vanity of sacrifice makes it all more worthy by the measure of the sacrifice itself not the benefit brought by it, or allegedly created by it, since many times it is not even real.
Happiness brings sharing with no effort, it is abundance in itself so sharing comes from an endless source that doesn’t become empty. No matter how much one shares, there is always more for everybody. So the selfish mode of interacting is actually from the ego-martyr pattern, that doesn’t serve anyone but those in the enslavement power. It has been a tough game played in this reality, the fabric was weaved so precisely that got everyone believing in something that has never once worked properly. And humanity followed through with it, never questioning how and why were they following something that backfired every time. For centuries it has been this way and you have followed this instructions and tried really hard to make it work, but it is impossible because there is a fundamental flaw in the concepts behind such way of acting.
The solar system has entered a new time-space in which the energies flooding the environment are forcing the changes that are happening. There is no delaying, no preventing, no more old games will survive for long. And our messages are to be read by those who are feeling it now and desire a new level of seeing regarding the realities, for there are layers of realities that can be understood now that were not possible before entering the time-space we display. You have entered it already, more to say, you are in it as we type these words because the message will be long lasting and many will read in the years to come. More than right now actually. Not many are ready to realize and be comfortable with the realization behind our teachings. It might make some feel uncomfortable to be told that each individual is creator, not co-creator, not a victim, of their own reality. It is very well and we beg those who feel synchronized in those teachings not to try and convince anyone. It either comes from the inner core or not. Stay in your kindness and do what is best for you alone. Paths are unique as souls are unique and that is the way it has to be. It is perfect as it is.
Are those who take our messages in higher position? Absolutely not. It is one possible position in this reality and that is all there is. Many teachings, many different ways of understanding the same unity of teachings that is love. We mentioned Creation and the desire behind every conflict and difficulty in this reality. We will simplify one important thing that is about desires. In the end, they all come to be about love, the true force behind Creation. What is this magic light that generated you before your divinity entered this cycle of experiences? It is love. Simple and powerful truth that applies to any religion, belief, system and so on. So why would a being fight another being over a belief if in the end, or even before anything, there is love. Love is before and after all beliefs.
Creation, you as a collective, in your creative power, are summarized in this four letters word: love. So follow in your expansion as you feel it resonates, as you feel it works best for you. Continue in your search, your quest, we encourage growth in any way that works for you. And let others do it their own way, because it doesn’t really matter which way is the unique way. The end result is love in any path, in any truth, since there is only one truth that works for all life, that is love. All the other truths lead to this one, and then they are not important since they are only means to an absolute end. Create love! Whenever you are insecure, feeling the need to question, is this real, is this true? Whatever gets your heart in doubt, a master, a teaching, a truth that doesn’t resonate very well, simply take it to your heart and feel if it is love or not. And know that you are completely entitled to chose your own truth-love.
But what if this truth that doesn’t resonate comes from a wise master I should bow to? Who said you are to ever bow to anyone but yourself dear human? Bow to the love that is the divinity in you alone. Only that shall be your guidance. Build an altar inside your own soul for your own divinity and that is all the worship that is required for your expansion, for your path in the happiness that causes the expansion. Expanding without happiness is reaching a wall of rust every now and then. True knowledge is imbued with true love and therefore hope and joy. So seek for what resonates with your divine joy. If your heart ever sinks while reading or listening to a teaching, let it go. The light in you must be enhanced by the teaching, or else, it doesn’t serve you.
Stay in the path of light by knowing the light in you shines brighter with what you bring in awareness. Feed your light with more light, then you know it is your true path. Stay in joy and hope and that is the truth you require. Feel in your body the sensation of a truth that is yours, your body can never lie to you. Whenever you are in a conflict about the path to go, about the divinity in you being heard or silenced, your body will show you with astounding clarity all that you need to know. The physical body is an unquestionable truth shower, listen to your sensations and raw emotions. And the body cannot be silenced, don’t even try or it will show in the form of diseases. Tune in to your physical aspect. You were taught to perceive your body as a barrier, impeding expansion of consciousness. That was lie dear ones. Your body was designed by your divinity to assist greatly in your expansion. Reclaim the wisdom stored in your cells, muscles and bones. Repossess the sensations and raw emotions and lift them to the status of wisdom from your divine self.

Merita 5

In love with you who read us and with those who do not. Reverberate our lessons in energy, not words and that shall fulfill the master plan for shifting humanity. Every light counts and it doesn’t matter at all how it came about. We are here to teach those who resonate because the light in them is what we seek to make more powerful, and that is all that we take interest in. So shine little, shine whatever way you can, no one is taking measures. Know that your little light is a giant light, your perception will change in a near future. However tiny you might think you are, it doesn’t matter, you are a giant in this changing reality. Let it be bright as you can and it is always perfection from our side of reality. One day all will understand how they are love. You are love already, no need to be but to remember how you already are.
The Star Beings

The Star Beings – message 4

(Image by Merita Bat Shoshan:
My dear readers in duality. What is this thing you refer to as dual? Do you have a life that is split in two versions? Why you named things this way does not make a lot of sense to us from the Stars. In our viewing, our perception, things are but existence and its multiple aspects can not be understood in division by two. God has created this experience of expanding that you are now, and then again what is “God” but another invention from the men and women in your dense matter? We are all one with Creation, therefore, God is you, me, all of us in oneness are the Creation and the created. We, you, created the so called duality. It is our doing in a way, our experiences are beyond the concept of co-creation, because that is based on a separate God that we can join in.
We do not, do not, do not join in anything since we are everything already! The experience of oneness precedes the experience of expansion, even expansion is not accurate when describing what you are here for. Here and now is about getting to understand the process of Creating, you are God, you are Creating not co-creating. Your lives, your realities, yourselves. Your whole beings are your own creations. Then why do we suffer, why do we experience the shadow? Even if it is an illusion it feels painful anyway. Am I a sadistic consciousness that is inflicting pain on itself?
The reason why you don’t remember the creationist in you is because it is part of the journey you set yourself immersed in right here and now. But you are the consciousness behind all of the expansion, the understanding of new ways of creating is a necessity you felt, and it was your own choice to exist in this version of reality. Expansion is not a perfect word, yet you don’t posses a better one in any language on the surface of the planet. It is expansion of your ability to Create that leads you to the situations that force you to be imaginative, to step in your own creative power.
In well being and constant joy you would stop creating. You might think you wouldn’t, for creating is pleasurable, but think about the why’s you have chosen this expanding experiment and trust your divine self knows better. It takes experimenting with losing memory of everything you knew to understand the value of being one with the Source. It takes pain to acknowledge pleasure, it takes hate to understand love, anger to figure out belonging. If we belonged for ever we would never realize we do belong. It is growth and the ability to become aware of what is.
If what is has always been and there was never anything to differ, there would be no knowledge of what is. It is necessary to dive in “duality” to understand what has always been. Your oneness didn’t exist until you realized the concept of separation, there was no consciousness, therefore the sensations, the feelings and emotions of being one with Creation didn’t mean anything, at all, before experiencing separation. You remember what always has been to signify it. To get it to exist you have to lose it for a while, even if it is just the illusion of the loss. And it is illusions.
In this manner, expansion is of awareness and consciousness of a existence that always was and for ever will be. Impermanence is what you experience as duality, a concept beautifully explained by the Buddhists is a better description of the dual illusion. For there is no duality, there is existing in separation, opposing the true existence, that is oneness with Source, with the divinity within each and everyone of you. That is to say that nothing is real or that everything is real.
Concepts do not compete with emotions do they? Sorrow, anger, pain, what are they to do with highly complex concepts on existence, or the non existence? What to do when the unpleasant emotions arise? Highly evolved consciousness are not destitute of emotions as one might think. We stated it before, they are simply so aware, so used to feeling in their true core that the response to the emotions is different. What you don’t get yet is that it is impossible not to feel, that would remove you from being human, it is about new ways to manage feelings, because emotions after processed are feelings.
Emotion is the raw sensation, the instinct that was not processed. You feel it in your bones, the raw anger, jealousy and hate. But then it is possible to process this into feelings, that have conscious intent. The desire behind every unpleasant emotion is belonging, that is a key in the process. The ascended being jumps directly to the desire that precedes the emotion and process it as noble feelings of compassion and love, because in ascension it becomes clear that every darkness is simply frustration from separation, the illusion of it.
Once you learn how to jump from anger to self love, from hate to the wish to belong, from guilt to the wish to produce a solution, there is no more need to feel the anger, hate or guilt. There we have it molted by the fire of Creation, transformed in light, not suppressed, not lied about, not lurking in secret. It is adjusted to a higher understanding. And what brings this understanding but the experiences of expansion in this unique reality that is transient above all?
So you were sleeping in oneness and one “day” you decided to wake up in “duality”, so you would gain awareness of oneness and the Creative nature of your divinity by experiencing the lack of it. Is the pain going to be your companion until the end of this cycle? Yes and no, because the unpleasant aspect of the experiment is an ingrained part of it, yet, there is a way to perceive it from the wish that generated it directly, in this way you jump into the conscious creation of feeling from emotions, which sets you free from the emotions. Even if the emotions are part of the experiment, you have the means to work with them and learn from them.

Merita 4

So next time an emotion submits you through the illusion of separation, snap your thought directly to the desire behind the emotion, then you have an elaborate feeling that can be very productive! It is easier with practice, and that is the secret of ascended masters and the way they are never thrown aback by raw emotions, because they have walked the path of transmutation, not suppression, not silencing, transmuting is the only true way to gain the means of jumping to pleasant feelings. Even the so called good emotions shall be then transmuted into feelings, so they don’t numb you, but produce more expansion.
In love with the light workers in for ever expansion,
The Star Beings of 12th density incarnation.

The Star Beings – message 3

(Image by Merita Bat Shoshan:
My dear friends, readers of Ada, lovers of Merita’s paintings, it is a wonderful evening of light here in Brazil. It was a sunny day and we were all around for the purpose of taking joy and happiness to people. We are here at night the same way, because the light of the stars feed your souls in other ways, it is distant in physical distance, but not in a quantum way. Let me explain. Your sacred origins are not directly from Earth, so where did you come from? You came from the stars, all of you came from other galaxies and places that are beyond in this and different universes. How do you get so dazzled by the night sky, many of you wondering if home is out there, because it is human nature to miss home, the fallen paradise of so many books.
Every planet orbits around a star, sometimes more than one. In this way there is a connection, all life form in any solar system identifies with its stars. So when you look up to the sky and see infinite shiny dots “up” there, your hearts tell you that somewhere, there is a home that you miss. This is not a vague sensation due to solitude as you have been led to believe, no, this is a very concrete knowledge that yes, there are many places out there that you might have called home. You have been to countless places of light and beauty, this is an experiment now, an offer to grow the light in a place that had little light. And we love you for what you are doing, we understand because as we have told you previously, we were human as well.
Our souls took high vibration life now, which means incarnation is easy, flowing without so much of the pains you carry. Density of matter is measurable, by the speed and behavior of atoms, simple physics that will be clarified in the next generations on Earth. Now consciousness is not quantifiable, never will be, because it expands slowly and in waves, it floats a bit. Consciousness can not be weighed, not measured, because it fluctuates and expands and has little ups and downs.
Have you ever felt that you took a step back in your evolution? You feel guilty whenever that happens, but know that this is the process to all. It is not a straight line, how could it be if we are talking about emotions. You probably focus too much attention in the mental processes, the ability to think and accumulate spiritual knowledge, well, the knowledge is important. So important that here we are, teaching these things. But it serves one only purpose, that is to shift and evolve the way you perceive, and then, the way you feel. If your heart doesn’t rise with your mind, you are wasting time on books that need to be put in feeling.
Discover who you truly are without fear. We are the Star Beings, always talking about joy and happiness, but that doesn’t mean repressing what causes pain. That is a very dangerous misunderstanding of the concept, and the feeling of joy. Sadness, grief, anger, they are real emotions and need a way out that is not pretending they are not there. They are human emotions, they have a job in your lives in the present reality. The job is teaching you how and where to expand. If everything was love and joy all the time no one would expand.
Take this lesson with you and meditate on your so called darkness for a while. Those emotions are not pleasant we know, but they mean well, they come from your inner self as much as the pleasant ones. Listen to your sadness, grief and anger, they will show you directions on expansion, they have an important role. The problems begin once you silence the unpleasant feelings, because in doing so, they turn into loud, screaming monsters. Out of control they will become if you don’t listen to their advices.
They are in you to teach you boundaries, to show you what you need to create in the universe, in your life. They are the compass to your most important needs, and if and when you listen, you find the right direction into fulfilling these needs, and that joy that you want, will be multiplied. You will find the map to joy by listening to the emotions that you believe are the enemy of joy. They are not, there are the way showers towards joy.
Golden Butterfly
Even anger, that you all fear so much, has a place in mapping joy to you. Anger is there with a precious message of what self love needs to come true. Those who lack self love can be so clumsy while taking care of themselves, they are able to put themselves in danger, in jeopardy and not do anything about it for a long time. Some spend entire lives never fighting over their basic needs. Anger is telling you which situation is harmful to you, what exactly has to change in your life if you want to be happy, that is the message of anger. Anger says “stop”, “move direction”, “danger”. Not physical danger, that is easy to get out of, what you have problems accepting is the emotional dangers of certain situations, but then you feel angry at that situation, and you should listen to the message of anger to know where to go.
So in all of this the message is the same. You have heard over and over that anger diminishes your light, that it is a sign of low consciousness, that ascended beings are peaceful 100% of the time. Let me say to you that it is not so simple. Ascended beings are so aware and in peace regarding their inner world of feelings, sensations and thoughts, that if they get the message from this core place that a situation needs to end, they end it before getting angry. They do not, do not, do not, submit themselves to what doesn’t serve their inner truth, they love themselves enough to be self protective and wise. Sacrifices are made with the correct intent, not to please others, not out of fear of others. A huge difference.
First you need to get in this point in the self knowledge path, so you can shift out of what doesn’t serve you, so fast, that you don’t need unpleasant emotions anymore. How do you get there? Well, there is no other way but to let any emotion talk to you, listen to all of them equally, to know what really is your joy in every situation. No short cuts, no ignoring what is inside, but listening, carefully and knowing that self love is protection are care for the self. Not just the physical boundary, emotional, psychological, spiritual protection. One day, you will be in a position not to need anger, but that happens naturally in evolution, suppressing it only creates monsters. Listen to your hearts, always.
For ever in love with the light workers of Earth,
The Star Beings


Star Beings – message 2

(Image by Merita Bat Shoshan:
This is another wonderful day to us from the stars. We have been watching you so closely, now the time has come to be close to Earth’s lighter consciousness, those who can feel our energy know the difference between two years ago and this present year. We came from the beginning, we helped the planet’s design, we were architects in Earth’s first generations of life forms. Humans were not around, and then it was your turn and things unfolded in a very special manner, so you could have a home, to learn again how to be light.
Is light your origin as it was stated by our friend Guardian X? Don’t be surprised about our partnership, think that both energies are being combined in one channeler, there must be a strong reason for such. All of you who have favorite channelers are used to one specific being, or energy, being connected to a specif human. This situation is sui generis, as you would say, for us it is just natural since we and the Silver Guardians work in close partnership.
We need their energy to stabilize our immense advance now. They filter our energy so that it is adapted to each individual place on the grid and Earth doesn’t get more than what is bearable in each specific region. The Sun is expanding its activities regarding the evolution of your consciousness. It is emanating more than you are used to and the material layers of your reality need an intelligent type of distribution for this energy. In a way that nothing is wasted and nothing is ever too much. In a perfect accordance to the inner most necessities of each individual.
Indeed, we are much more in contact with humans now than they are able to understand. The shift is a very complex process, it is required that every detail is in the hands of experts. We together are the experts in this particular topic. There is an infinitude of other types of intelligences assisting you as we dictate this message. Throughout the entire history of Earth we have assisted the evolution of matter and consciousness, in this particular moment help was due, and therefore, our Silver Guardians came in a great legion. They have also always been here, but not in the numbers they are now. So whenever you wonder about why Ada is a channeler of two instead of one, you already figured the partnership. More information needs to be revealed, we shall come back many more times.

Merita 2 light

In love with the humans who work in partnership with the light we are. For ever have been and in this universe, for ever will be. The Silver Guardians are here with us, and Ada is the door through which their messages come. The Silver energy is too peculiar, it takes a silver soul to channel, for now. However, attention to this, we the Star Beings, might be channeled abundantly, because our energy has been with you since the dawn of times, in other lives, in other realms of existence. Anyone can channel us in reality, it is matter of tuning to our frequency and staying in it.
The energy of pure joy and contentment, of innocence in laughter, we go to those who have pure hearts and don’t refuse the light with self deprecation. We come through anyone at any time, all we need is a pure heart filled with innocence and joy. We bless all of you equally, but to hear our true voice, you need these adjectives, and many do posses it. Stay in your light now. That is the job of a light worker, to simply be in the light, no regret can come of this.
Your friends in the golden light of the stars,
The Star Beings

Star Beings – message 1

(Image by Merita Bat Shoshan:
This is our first message by the means of a new enterprise. We are coming through Ada, our sister in light. She has welcomed us in her sanctuary, by which we mean her crystalline channel of love and compassion. Why would the beings living in the stars bring messages now? Because time has come to communicate our love to humanity, for you have raised your vibration enough for this to be spread. We have come from the stars, not this or that, because we are one. The stars in this universe are a collective unity, we don’t differentiate, we are one collective life form. We incarnate in the 12th density of matter, being in unison of thought, feelings and ascension purposes. We ascend together, we bring light to incarnate live as a whole in unison.
The planet is receiving more light than it ever did, because you can tolerate that light in your consciousness now. The ascension of the planet is causing your ascension, those who can’t see, feel it in a unpleasant way. It is your job, you who understand what is happening, to assure the ones who don’t that everything is in the light. There shall be no war, no end, humanity is thriving! It is beauty as never seen in this galaxy, you have achieved the unbelievable. The time is of celebration. Why keep you reading news that are so clearly a distortion? Turn your TVs off. Go within and feel the truth that surrounds you in a multidimensional level. It is not healthy to drink someone else’s truths, specially if they have an agenda, which is what the people behind current mainstream media have. You know it, yet, you keep on feeding your minds with it. Trust your inner guidance, trust your own intuition about what you see. Question the “truths” that are shown to you every day.
From our perspective, things have never been any better. Earth is this benevolent, ancient being that knows all you go through on Her body. She sees all dark plans, the intentions of persisting in the slavery system, She is in every mind, every facility. How would it be any different? Why is it so surprising to you that the planet you inhabit knows everything that takes place on Her. She is hosting you, the air you inhale, the food you eat, all the things you might believe to have an owner, well, they have One owner that is Gaia, not a human. No human has a drop of water that is not Gaia’s gift. She gives and She takes. She allows, She puts a stop!
Now think about it, that you are being hosted by a living being who is omniscient of whatever happens here. Your thoughts, intentions, actions. How else would it be? Whoever thinks himself, or herself so very clever that is hiding secretly, plotting. Oh… My dear humans, hiding where if you are on Her, in Her body? You can’t hide even underground, you can’t hide in the atmosphere, you can’t hide in the Moon, for the Moon is also Earth’s territory. You must understand Gaia, this living, sentient, benevolent soul. Whatever one accomplishes on Her, it is by Her benevolence and permission.
Why is there evil on Earth then? You can ask that as well. If Gaia is aware and allowing, why the bad things. Well my dear humans, evil is what humans do to one another and they had been behaving this way before Gaia received them. Those who perpetrate darkness are compassionately received here to have another opportunity to re-connect with the light within. It was a plan, it was foreseen, it is all in a great big picture, in a compassionate bigger picture. The cosmos has a system of educating even those who seem lost for ever. No one is cast aside from Creation, they are taken to educational experiences in special realities. Earth is, soon to change, an educational planet. Your home is a school for stubborn souls, and some of you have been very stubborn yourselves. Now you are here, seeking for light and light never fails. It doesn’t matter how long one takes, light is always waiting. For that, Earth volunteered in this mission, to educate those who needed a new chance.
Many of you volunteered as well, out of compassion and beautiful loving feelings. No guilt is ever a good cause, it has to be true love. The love you carry in your hearts is what can save you from the emotional roller coaster that is to inhabit an educational facility. Now it is time for love to enhance in proportion and magnitude. First you need to love one another, the same way Gaia loved you when she opened Her body for your incarnations. Compassion for the ignorant doesn’t mean condoning. He is here to learn, she is here to learn. Educate them with examples. Preaching pushes away, the warmth or your hearts bring them back.
The so called new agers have been to the margin, they divorced themselves from society because it was necessary. Time is changing everything, and now the need for compassion is in most hearts. Have you noticed compassion lately? How humanity decided that some things matter that didn’t a decade ago? What is really new about the way the world is behaving but that some people care, and they didn’t before? How many wars have you had in the past decades? Lost the count? No one was paying much attention and now they are. They are ready for the “new age”, they await for something that puts things in perspective. You have that to offer if you leave your bubbles.
Talk to them in a way they understand, about hope, about simple things that can be productive to saddened hearts. Is someone from this sick society less than you that retreated? We don’t see it that way and neither do you. You love them, but it had to be from afar. It was not safe to love some types of people too closely, we understand, you did such a beautiful job implementing the new energy. We deeply admire your courage. We are just saying that you made it! You did it in such an amazing way that it is possible now to leave your secret lives in the open. Let everybody know you meditate, you don’t need to tell them what to do. But once they ask, how can you be so peaceful in the middle of the storm, you simply tell them about the things they can do. Respect their beliefs, respect their time, but listen, they will come to you with curiosity and then you will know what to do. They are coming already, be approachable, be compassionate in silent wisdom.
The stars rejoice in the expansion of light we see, we are the life in this energy and we have been human once. Some of you are from the stars and you need to remember why you came, your light and your wisdom are asking to be remembered. Don’t hide from your own light, it is not arrogance, all of you have enlightened origins. Ada is a silver soul, others are pleiadians, arcturians… You are remembering and that is a wonderful thing. No consciousness was created in dis-connection, all are equality beautiful, but individually shaped. If you are a star soul, you have known all your life and this is just a moment of putting it in words. We know who you are.
This is it for now, and we are everywhere and hope to find new channels, to multiply. Our message is clear light and love, it is going to be spread in many ways. Merita received our energy years ago, she painted the codes and beautiful images that are part of this channel. Look at the images from your higher selves, read this messages with your higher selves. They are made to overcome the conditioning that is ingrained in your brains. Our messages have patterns and codes that serve the purpose of dismantling some control mechanisms that are still placed in some brains. If you feel that you still need to set free some of this things, know that it is possible and easy. Higher vibrations do that, they disintegrate all that is man made to take control of your minds. Read our messages slowly and in a low voice, steady. The energy is put in a way that is high enough to break any of such devices.
Stare at Merita’s painting for a few minutes and set the intent to free your mind. We are here to be your partners in this new energy, old energy has to go now. Time to set yourself free humans, time to reach your potential. Don’t be afraid of the memories and feelings, it is bound to happen, it is what has to come. For ever in love was your captive soul, it is free now, to remember the love it once felt for this planetary soul. A love so grand, that you volunteered to assist Her on this magnificent event. You are the light of the Earth, you have been since you were born in this incarnation. All you need is to remember.

Merita First Sun

In the light of the night sky or a sunny day, our energy is everywhere. You know us, you have been with us many times, your heart has sang us songs since the dawn of this journey to love Gaia. Re-connect with your divinity and join us in spreading light in a compassionate way. Light is never forceful, it doesn’t argue over concepts, it sets examples. How joyful have you been around other people? You can’t name yourself a light worker if you are dragging yourself around. No my dear, you need to be happy, and joyful, so others might look at you and wish to know what you have to say willingly. Abundance of joy is the best way of teaching and being light. They will feel good next to you, then they will listen.
We are a collective consciousness from the stars, in love with Gaia and humanity.
The Star Beings.