Archangel Zadkiel

How can we all help during this time of increasing light but by being the brightest light we can possibly be? No formulas surpass the desire of a heart to be light. Just be whatever, whoever you are in fullness. Embrace your own ways of being light on this plane. Since you came to earth, a long time ago for most, you have been hiding your beautiful light. It was not safe, it was indeed dangerous, those who dared paid the price and this memories of rejection and punishment from men is there in your akashic records. So now is the time to release those memories and keep only the lessons. You have learned so many beautiful things in those experiences of pain and light. Now it is light and light only. Call on the angels, call on me, Archangel Zadkiel to help you transmute and let it go. Let it all be light now. The important lesson that I bring is about karma, in which you should read the word “pain”. Communities around the world have understood and explained karma in different ways, it is all well, my point is simple, the pain of a story from another time, the pain of a love that brings dark images to the mind and contaminates the heart, all that is overcome by love. Love is so simple and yet so difficult many times. A lot is said on unconditional love and humans wonder “but how, how can I feel unconditional love?” So I say, take this as a journey because it is a for ever lasting one. There is no end in growing in love, there are no grades, just the joy of every breath you can take once you realize it is the journey you are already in. Take this journey to your consciousness and heart and make it yours with intent. The angels are listening to your heart’s intent and will hold you in light as you keep rising. For ever more.
Archangel Zadkiel

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