Star Beings – message 9

Our dearest Ada is back channeling after such hardships of a huge challenge, the greatest she has ever overcome in the present incarnation. Many of you might wonder why this shift in the light beings that watch over her was so long and complex. The completeness of the process is yet to be fulfilled, it is not reaching its totality until many months have passed. This shift happens in all layers of the physical reality as well in spiritual reality. Many of you shall go through it as Earth shifts its patterns of energy in the next months, so don’t be alarmed. Some things are what they are and the best is to keep the mindset of joy. As in if you are at the end of a race and tiredness is not greater than the feeling of accomplishment. Focus on what you are achieving once your time to shift comes. It is necessary to go to higher densities now and for that your whole cellular systems must adapt to new energies. Ada was even more special in the sense that she had a separation from her divine half, which had to be, they had to become stronger and overcome the dependency on one another to be wholes that meet again in full capacity to create. The objective in there being twin souls is the creation of third energies and for that each twin needs to be fully complete and expanding in wholeness within each and in the partnership afterwards, never before.
Our dear Ada was missing us, our beloved words and energies, our hope. She needs hope to rebuild several damaged structures in her layout, external life. Her other dimensions have expanded a great deal but for that there was a period of stopping the world outside. You humans in 3D, or 4D now, focus so much on the abundance factor as if this could be measured by belongings. Is it so simple dear ones? Well Ada had a phase in which she turned into a butterfly and now she will fly sky high we promise you. But while she was there, collecting her process, going through this amazing transformation, she was not really making a lot of money. How could she do both at the same time if time is what you need to go in the silence of your transformative process? No my dears, money was not the priority for this period of time, and yet, did she lack anything at all? Was she comfortable, safe and loved throughout the whole thing? She was my dears, she was safe and protected, she was fed in abundance and she had a wonderful, peaceful house to inhabit.
Now what is your concept of abundance beloved? Because we consider being cared for while you transform a great luxury in this world, so we say, Ada is very abundant and she has all her needs met. And now her life will flourish in new and abundant LIGHT, and the rest is consequence. If your abundance concept prevents you from growing in a soul level than something is a mistake in it. If your soul growing causes you to lack material needs, there is something wrong in it. We take the balanced approach of Buddhists, the path is in the middle my dear humans in 3D and 4D. Only balance can bring joy to you, keep that in mind. Soulless money and penniless soul are all signs that a revision is necessary, because you chose to experience this reality, so don’t deny it. On the other hand, you chose it in order to expand your light, so don’t deny the expansion of your spirituality.
Ada is tired and as we said, her process will take longer than other processes because it involved the twin split and that was physically debilitating. She recently found out who her soul mate is as well, and he is not in this world anymore. So both her twin and her mate are not with her and she feels very lonely. But she has her sisters with her and she needs all of their support to continue the work. Death is an illusion my dears, they are with her all the time they can now, more than before in some ways. But she feels her love for Gaia is the same and her commitment is the same. Ada sees and feels the ones she loves very closely but the body misses the touch and that is one experience of this reality that you can’t also deny or else you will lack self compassion. We will develop more in the future, the relationship and love affairs topic, so you understand how none has the right to stay or to perpetrate abuse in the name of being a twin or a mate. Those are eternal connections but not the only ones. The middle path serves all matters of human experience. Fight for what is balanced and you will have a fair amount of energy put in the right place.
How do I know I am following my path? Many of you ask as the energies go higher but destabilize all you have been accustomed to. You know because there is balance and compassion in it, because it serves your soul and your body at the same time, not one, not the other exclusively. Then you know that imbalance is never the answer and you find time and disposition to go within in your creation of a life that is good to this reality and its needs. How do I know I am in a light relationship? Because it doesn’t serve just the physical needs of your emotions, your body, and because it is not simply a soul connection without concreteness. Both at the same time, equilibrium. It has to be good to your body, emotions, finances, heart and spirit. All that together is a good relationship.
Twins and soul mates actually are so rare in this planet, in all planets at this particular energy. Don’t mistake attachment to spiritual connection because there is no such thing as abuse in twin relationships. Your divine half is not, and cannot be, any person who abuses you. Soul mates sometimes get involved in craziness, but that only means they are not ready to be together, never the opposite. Because it is so possible to have wonderful relationships with other types of connections that are not mates and twins. Most of the good relationships on Earth are not, to reveal the truth. 3D and 4D are not the point in energy value that attracts this interaction. Hardly so. And Ada only met them briefly so she could explain how it works to others, so she could help people live in joy and realistic expectations. Free yourselves from abuse in that excuse of karmic relations. Those who perpetrate this idea are either continuing what they were taught or actually have an agenda. To keep you prevented from being happy.
Happy couples generate such energy and unhappy ones generate the opposite. Being lonely in a relationship is a very painful type of loneliness and most people who believe they have met twins or mates and tolerate abuse for that concept feel lonelier in the relationship than they would’ve being alone. Single people have more time for themselves, their dreams, friends and family. It is also very good to be single if your projects demand time. Relationships are a way into expansion, being single is another. Abuse is unnecessary, for you expand faster in the reality of joy. Off course there is expansion in everything, but joy has better results for the collective.
Ada and Merita will talk more about us in the near future since we want to expand our communication with light workers. Stay in touch with your questions now, we are listening and will continue to teach in our simple ways.
In love with the light workers of Earth
The Star Beings of 12th density incarnation



2 thoughts on “Star Beings – message 9

  1. I’m just struggling between finding my soul’searching purpose and trying not to lose my house. I see by my visions, visitations and other experiences that I can never go back to 3d, however I cling to searching for abundance through fear of not having a safe haven to offer others. I feel my relationships are still codependent, but am attempting to broaden communication.


    1. Hi, my dear. In my personal view, the 3D reality here and now is not less than any other. We chose to be here and live through the challenges for a reason. Which one of us a unique reason, but in the end it is about expanding our lights with it. I can’t tell you the mistery of your journey, but ask your higher self, the light of the Universe that you are, to teach you how to love this experience here as much as any other. It is not easy to do that many times and I know it, but your soul has the answer, sometimes we need to ask specific questions like this.


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