Guardian X – message 11, the farewell <3

My dear beloveds, this is a moment that I had been waiting from the beginning, for tonight I will reveal more about who I once was. You are getting used to me by now, this is the 11th message, and eleven is the number of soul purposes. My purpose by coming back to Earth now was not necessarily about Ada, she is just so lovingly connected to me that it fell naturally upon her to give this communications. The plan was another, and still is another, for I will not be with you for long, I will get to have a new incarnation soon. That was the original plan, to live in the flesh. Because? My dears… To finish what I started such a long time ago in Earth centuries. The last time I incarnated here I was a grand man, from a power hunger perspective, which shall not be yours in any way. This life was a sad one, for I didn’t have one single day of peace in that endless existence of war after war. The men I served were power hungry, they were obsessed and there was no other chance for me to survive but by being a great warrior, and then commander of warriors under their rule. These powerful men, for I served both father and son, who were enemies themselves, these men were so unhappy. You might find them in History books, they will all tell the same story, of a grandeur that is pure illusion and fantasy. The reality was cruel, rape, savagery, brutality and torture. That is what war has been back in time, that is what it is today. And what is that to do with my new life, since I already told you I will not go to Greece again because I desire something new? Because those souls, from the so called golden era of Greece, the murderers of Greece, are not there anymore. They have migrated to other civilizations that are involved in your current wars. I will come to meet those who one day idolized my power and warfare wisdom and got entrapped in this fantasy that this is a means to achieve respect, honor. There is NO honor in war, never has been. I did the best I could, once in that time, but I have expanded so far beyond. And once I came back to Earth, from my journey back at the energy universe of X, I saw some of my brothers still living, breathing, thinking as if they were conquering the Persians. They become obsessive about a certain way of living and that is being repeated time, after time, after opportunity. I wont say those lives were wasted, we always learn something but my dears… This is short sighted and sad, and so I will come back to those who are still fighting over Persia, a place that is no more than a dream and an addiction.
This is farewell, not good bye, since souls are eternal and my connection to Ada will change but not very much. I am a multidimensional being and I will always be with my beloved sister in her love and in real connection. Our connection is before and after these lives, before and after Earth itself, before and after this universe. I will tell you something genuinely true, believe me in this, me and Ada are twin souls, and that is what twin souls are. You have romanticized this type of connection for what it isn’t, don’t be angry, try to understand what I explain. Twins are complementary, they are the two of everything explained by the Star Beings, the two galaxies connected by the wormhole, the parallel universes, the two of everything. So twins usually incarnate as brother and sister, sometimes parents, but not often. Couples are not parallel, couples are a connection that develops, gets deeper, it is a whole unique process, then you have soul mates. Soul mates need to build their connection and work on it, that is expansion in its most beautiful form. Twins would never expand because their are intrinsically a continuation, a sexual relationship with someone who is a continuation of you would bring no expansion at all, no spark, no passion. In case twins became a couple, they would feel comfortably bored. It would literally be like dating a continuation of you, not very exciting, not something that would get your eyes glittering, watering, no, just you dating part of you. In other realities there are no couples, no sex, no passion, but right here and now you all want it and mostly need it. It is a way of expanding immensely, because the other one has so much to teach and learn from you and with you. Ada has very little to expand and learn with me, for we are two sides of the same divine spark. It just is before 3D and after 3D, it has no greater purpose in this evolutionary step. One day we will be building galaxies together, mirroring each other’s movements in the Creation. One day, in a parallel existence that is beyond explanation for the human brain, we already are. And in this reality that has no time and no space, all we have learned apart belongs to both of us, for we ARE one and we are an extension of the same divinity. And one day, this oneness that we carry will extend to everything, and we will go back to the ultimate oneness of all there is. The oneness that is before existing as the human mind can grasp. And in this oneness, we come back with the expansion of being two, of being an extension split in two for the purpose of expanding in light, therefore we have expanded the whole of Creation through our split.
You might look for me elsewhere now, among the little children that you call “rainbow children”. I will be one of them, bringing peace to the land I once conquered. I will remember my spiritual identity soon enough, so don’t look for me, I will look for you instead in a few years. The world is about to change such a great deal you will not recognize your daily lives in the years to come. Things that have to end have already ended in our side of reality. The fog is gone, thanks to all of you, light workers of Earth that I love so much. In this bringing my share of light to the lands of Persia, we shall hear from each other again. This is a promise.
In my place I leave another soul, a silver soul off course, to continue this journey with dear Ada. So she can find out more about our origins and teach others. He was a great man once as well, a great Greek man like me. We fought side by side in many lands. After which he stayed on Earth, he is still faithful to a promise he made to this dear Mother that is the planet, to take care of Her as he could, to pay back his debt in the war. None of us believe in debts or karma in the debt sense anymore. But even then he chose to stay, out of love then, for dear mother Earth. Isn’t that a match, since Ada is here because she loved Earth so much she requested to stay two times, that you know… I tell you, those two really love this planet! So I leave you for now, pray for me, that my future mother can have an open heart and open mind, that my future father accepts me as I have to be. You see, not all unique children are born different out of punishment, I will be different because I have a purpose, to change some things we need to be “unacceptable” to societal rules. I am going to break a few rules by my nature and that is with full intent. So wish my luck, for I go with all I have, to bring peace not by being nice my dears, but by being against what needs to end. And so we say farewell and I will be in your prayers. I love all of you, each and everyone of you. Whatever love you send to Ada I will receive, since I am a continuation of her. We are twins, we are one, and we love this magnificent living being that is planet Earth.
Yours for ever and soon,
General Parmenion of Macedonia

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