Star Beings – message 7

(Image by Merita Bat Shoshan:
Once upon a time, in this particular planet, there was an entire civilization of enlightened consciousness. They were aware of oneness and of belonging to Creative source, therefore they felt loved and connected to one another and treated everyone in such abundance of understanding and kindness. They were a happy people who knew their true purpose and that purpose was to seed this Earth with a secret knowledge that would survive the millenia after they had been back to their homes. Their homes were many and varied, other orbs in the solar systems surrounding this one had been called upon the first humanities that sprouted here out of love for what was to take place.
These beloved brothers and sisters were here gathered in oneness, to love the Earth and the future generations to come after the opening of this solar system to what we refer as the great cycle of karmic rule. Now what is karma? Is the definition it was given so far, enough? For we see this simplistically laid down to justify some punishments that are thrown in your stories as the punishments from God. Men made God, this one that punishes in sadistic ways His or Hers beloved creatures. How would it be such love in coexistence with such god. That is the story in many religious books on Earth and we think they are somewhat intrinsically manipulative and dangerous.
Such ideas of a destructive god that is unable to love unconditionally are pure poison to your self perpetrating state of punishment. The tendency for humans on a 3D level to self abuse is enormous as it is in their natural state of being. For guilt is present as an unelaborated preview of what one day will be a sense of togetherness and the wish to belong. So taking in account one’s separation mechanism and recognizing the need to replace those for better behaviors causes unpleasant feelings regarding what has passed.
So a male inheritance of this perspective would be of such disbelief in how he had been treating women in his past, this recognition allows him to shift into a more loving attitude towards women from then on. But the impulse for this shift many times is presented in guilt and shame. This guilt and shame are inherent to this man’s condition because he sees things from a 3D perspective. He needs the uncomfortable emotion of guilt and shame to be driven into what can be better behavior and pattern of integration. The goal is but one, to love the next person more than he could love the previous one.
A woman might feel a lot of guilt and shame once she realized she has been codependent on a man that was “no good” to her needs. It is established by her own consciousness that she is guilty of allowing some abuse that happened, so she can move on into a healthier pattern of connection. She is going to go through the emotion of shame, perhaps often enough, until she finally finds the way to connect in a more fulfilling way to her next partner. Guilt and shame are a protection mechanism then, so she refuses to be abused and allows non abusive relationships instead. The goal is but one, to be in self respect so she can be respected and loved in a better way next time.
So guilt and shame are natural feelings, but the humans on Earth have been so manipulated into this karmic distortion that even guilt is put upon shame itself. Which means, shame of feeling shame. If that is the case, that god is punishing you for your mistakes, I ask of you who will love you then? How and from whom will you ever learn true love, if your own Creator is unable to love unconditionally? So either god is a bad god, or the karma law was misunderstood. Is karma a real law? Definitely yes. But the depth of it and the mechanism of it are but compassion and growth into new patterns of behaviors that might lead you to joy.
What karma is from our Star like perspective, for we are an evolved race but we are not God, is simply a coping mechanism from our own thoughts in what you named duality. So in what you perceive as duality, you have good and bad, right and wrong, what works and what doesn’t work, we can put it this way for clarity purposes. So, being an aggressive man doesn’t work in the pursue of joy and happiness, which means that man needs a shift in behavior. For that to happen he needs a process of understanding his behavior is not producing the desired effect of putting him in a loving partnership. His needs are not going to be fulfilled unless he shifts behavior.
In understanding that he will naturally dislike and oppose his previous behavior, and then he has the opportunity for evolution in the pattern of his relationships. It is a way of evolving, that is natural and inherited through generations of humanities all over the universe. It is a natural stage in understanding how to accomplish the desire of being loved. So this man has to feel the need to change, and so he dislikes his behavior and then he feels guilt and shame that will impulse him in the change. If his guilt in cultivated by a massive system that idolized guilt and shame as desirable, then he will interrupt the process and get stuck in this that was only supposed to impulse the jump to a better way.
Now this man is trapped into self hatred and self deprecation, he doesn’t believe he can be or act any better because love becomes unreal, a fantasy based on illusions. Since god doesn’t love the way god could because of a desire to punish, what is men kind able to do that is so little compared to it? So the man’s expectations on his ability to love and be loved were crushed in this belief system and he gets trapped for a very long time, repeating patterns that he knows are inappropriate for his consciousness level. Therefore you sum up guilt over doing what you already understand is not going to work, and it doesn’t work as you knew it wouldn’t and your guilt and shame grow exponentially.
The woman feels so powerless into her reduced capacity of loving and being loved that she quits the idea of being happy completely and satisfies herself with whatever scraps fall from someone’s table. She is miserable, but who is she to dream about loving and being loved in its fullness if this god she learned to believe in is unable to love unconditionally. It is only growing exponentially from the awareness of the situation on. The more aware, the more it hurts, the more it doesn’t work, for it never does, the more guilt and shame are added. And you have learned to call this abuse karma.
Karma is simply being aware of what can work better. Suddenly one realizes that something is not good, it brings discomfort where discomfort was not existing before. So it is possible to be critical of a situation and think that you believe that you deserve better and then you move on to search for the better you are able to see next. After being comfortable for a period in the new better, you go through discomfort again and pursue a new level of better. The discomfort, the unpleasantness are a means to wake someone up to a new level of better. The unpleasant is karma. Suddenly, the repetition of old patterns becomes not desirable, that is what karma is about, pushing into something better. And that is all that is.
No one punishes anyone, or at least shouldn’t. Punishing is such a waste of time and God, or Creation, or your higher selves, doesn’t matter how you understand it, God is love and infinite compassion. What does God want from you? Happiness! So the universe generated this amazing mechanism of discomfort every time you find yourself ready to jump to a new level of joy. Karma is the repetition of patterns that at some point become dysfunctional, what makes it dysfunctional but your awareness of the repetition being enough and the desire for growth? So jump from guilt and shame into the new pattern and karma is off. In a split second.
Doesn’t matter how long you have been in the old pattern and how many times you have done what you consider inappropriate now, it takes a split second to finish any karmic process once you jump to the next process. It is not about paying, it is about growing, so it is irrelevant if you committed that crime you accuse yourself on a million of times or only once, as long as you take the jump the karma has done its job. So it is imperative that you understand that God doesn’t punish, even because your concept of this god is so human and god is also another discussion. Revenge is a human behavior, God doesn’t even have a behavior since God is all there is and the source of all there is. So Good doesn’t follow human 3D behaviors.
In thinking that God is love and infinite compassion you must realize that self punishment and self deprecation are karma. A human mechanism of growth in this stage of consciousness that matches 3D realities. Not all of you perceive it this way and we know many of you who read us are way beyond in those truths of compassionate love. But there is a little part of you that was conditioned since childhood that is still trapped in there. We address this part of you that was bombarded with this distortions. The little you that is trying to survive despite the beliefs you embraced later in life, he or she is an aspect of you that still feels shame for not taking part in the general belief of your community.
Read this message twice if you have the time, we recommend it that the second time you read it out loud, thinking that the little you that was indoctrinated in the punishing god is listening and being brought to peace and contentment. Announce to the little you that is afraid in the corner of your soul that it is safe to have your won belief, one that matches what you carry in your divinity. Introduce your divine you to the little you and imagine them holding one another in pure safety and acceptance. The little you needs a lot of love and compassion, and to know that it only makes sense that God is loving and compassionate towards all creation.
We assure you that we too have been to something similar in at least one of our experiences. We were selected very carefully to come here, we had to know how it feels to be you, so we could teach you in a concrete manner. Our teachings are here to tell you how to achieve a more joyful and happy life and for that we have to see your life from your perspective before we introduce a new one. So we do it with such love and compassion, for we have been you and you could have been us before you dove in the darkness of forgetting. That is how we see what you call darkness, the lack of remembrance regarding God’s love and belonging.
That is all that you need to know about karma my dear humans, that it is a mechanism of discomfort that allows one to jump to a new pattern. So take it in this simplicity and use it to your advantage, to build new patterns of self love and self acceptance. If you are displeased with the way you did something in your past, change your ways of doing it and the karma is gone for ever. In a split second, and that is about it. It has fulfilled its job, therefore has nothing else to accomplish and disappears. Use the discomfort as a precious tool, grow in gratitude for the discomfort that showed you where to go. Unpleasant emotions map your unique path to happiness.
The Star Beings of 12D incarnation.

Merita 7


2 thoughts on “Star Beings – message 7

  1. Thank you, this really resonates…I feel separated from my own religious family members who have adopted this ridiculous concept of heaven (which excuses growing our sould here on Human experience) & especially ‘hell’, which makes no logic whatsoever…as a parent, I would never condemn my child, or anyone’s child, for that matter.


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