Guadian X – message 10

Good evening to all who read this in any time-line. Since I came to this paper, or should I say document in a computer that seems like paper, it doesn’t matter when or how, you will read me in the energies of this beautiful evening. I am here feeling this breeze and the temperature is just about perfect tonight. Why would I care if I am in a soul state and I don’t have an incarnated status yet? Because I feel it through my deep, profound connection with dear Ada. We have been together for so long, countless lifetimes connect us and there is no real boundaries between us. But that doesn’t mean we meld in a way that should be confusing, for Ada is very well aware of what is hers and what is another’s. And that my beloveds is the secret of a good channeler. The clear channel is the one who knows himself or herself so well that he or she is in perfect control of the messages coming through. The message stays pure because they come through a clear mind that allows it without interfering. Knowing what is your own and what is not, get things very well put in this world of three dimensions. It is true that many channelers meld with the intelligence that communicates through them, that is a way of doing it that can work very well in some cases. But since channelers like Ada can differentiate that well, it gives her amplified possibilities. She knows precisely what is good energy coming through and what is suspicious, what is hers, what is mine, what comes from the Star Beings, what comes from other guides, for she has many. Not only that, she is in her self empowerment and has to discern then who is telling what is productive and be responsible for what goes out there because of her judgment. So being a responsible channeler is her way and I am here to encourage that. The spiritual reality is not obvious, many can’t see it so clearly and confusion is normal. Getting tricked by darker messages is something that happens quite often. That serves a purpose, that is to call you, humans in this reality, to have a good sense of resonance. Why would you take by heart something that doesn’t resonate? Many of you wonder if channeling is dangerous and I say it can be if you are not in your self empowerment. Any relationship is potentially dangerous for those who give their self empowerment away. A date could be dangerous if you are in this state of behavior, a job, since your boss might take this power to his or her advantage, even families can be dangerous if you are not in your own power as a human being. So why would the other more multidimensional interactions be any different? I see many of you desiring to communicate with us as well, and the Star Beings have attested how in the future others will be in deeper connection with them as well. That was a request from them actually. And I am here to teach you a little about how to get there. You need discernment not to feel insecure, lost or being tricked. That comes only through deep self knowledge and self empowerment. No other way, that simple and that difficult. Know thyself! That is it. No need to be perfect if you are aware of your imperfections. There is no perfection and you should know better than believing is this types of concepts. One might think that only ascend beings who feel no human emotions can channel the light, that is such a mistake. Don’t buy for this guru mentality, it just doesn’t work. Guru like mentality creates the unachievable and people stop trying before they even tried for real. It is discouraging and leaves you all in a submissive position, since the guru knows better. No one knows better about what you have in your soul. Impossible, can’t be real, can’t have meaning to your divinity. So be your own teachers about your own divinities. That will show you how to become crystal clear when receiving messages from other consciousness. How long does it take? Why would anyone be in a hurry since this other realities and dimensions are eternal? What you develop here is taken to wherever you go, whenever, however. Do you realize that there is no death but only a jump to another reality? You will use any knowledge you develop and cultivate here and now to your eternity. So think about this process as a process that will serve you for ever and then realize there is no finishing line, there is no end, there is no completion. Ever. For ever growing and expanding, healing, loving, laughing at this race you have learned to be in. There is no rush because it is not a competition and there are no rules to take you out of it or disqualify you. What if you stumble for a moment, what if you got lost somewhere in the past? It is a process not a race. Get your pieces together, get up and keep walking to your eternal process of learning how to be a spiritual being. Because everybody falls, what matters is how long you wait for someone else to rescue you, or if you get up on your own and continue. Teachers show you the way. If ever someone promises to do anything for you, run! Teachers are not saviors, channelers are teachers and that is all. Do your own homework dear human and be kind and compassionate for yourself. Because that is the most precious kindness that can be. Now homework number 10 is about feeling what is yours and what is not. Close your eyes, think about a dear moment of intuition you had, a moment in which you created or said something unique and felt a “where did this amazing speech or idea come from?” Ask your own divinity, the light of Creation you are, if that was inspired by another consciousness or if that came from your soul alone. Because my dears, you are ALL channelers already. What you wish for is already there. It is simply about awareness and attention to what precedes and already is.
In love with the light workers of Earth,
Guardian X, the silver baby to be, ha!

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