Star Beings – message 6

(Image by Merita Bat Shoshan:
This message is about love. Human love is equal to the feeling of all there is, even if this concept is difficult to be perceived as a reality. It is indeed possible to trace a comparison between human love and the love of all Creation. You might view love in your reality as something so distinct because of the emotions of fear that come with it. Living in the reality you do here and now equals a lot of suffering regarding loving one another, that is a fact, we see your pain and not only that, we have been you in our other lives.
So it matters that you know that we have been in your place many times. Often enough so we are in the know of exactly, precisely how it feels to have a broken heart. To long, to desire, to wait for someone who is too confused, too lost, to come to you. For there is no love without love. There is only love without the feeling, the belief of the deserving of love.
Many fall for the trap of believing they are not worthy, and yet, all are because love is the reason behind any desire and the reason you were created by the light of all there is. You are love, you are light, you are part of the love and light of Creative source. There is no separation, therefore there is no need to deserve to be loved, which is to say, there is no need to push yourselves into a lack of love because of your ability to recognize now how you are love itself.
Still there is the waiting for the soul who is stuck in lack of self worth. What can one do about the ones who are trapped in this pattern? You wonder in pain, that is real in your reality. That is real in any reality for we love so many of you in a personal way, not just as part of the whole. We have personal stories, individual incarnations with many who are in this level of incarnations now. Many of us from the Stars are also in the waiting. How do we wait in peace and joy if the waiting is the same for you as it is for us?
Listen to the soft voice of your divinity in you that tells you that there is no eternal wait, no eternal separation. And that in other realities and parallel lives you are together already, for you are one. The desire for union is a memory of a future that is not a future, it is a parallel reality. It is confusing knowledge we know. It is linear thinking fighting over multidimensional concepts. But think about this person you wait and try to picture a parallel life in which he or she has woken up already and you are in oneness. Take your time feeling this possibility, what if?
Did your body respond to that? Because beloved human, your body never hides the truth, it is a precise mechanism of telling what is, even if you don’t understand what is. True love is the wish for the other one’s happiness, for the other one to be in the light of his own empowerment and self worth, isn’t it? Or else it is not deserving of the name love. So if you know love, what love truly is, you will eventually find each other in oneness, because oneness is the destiny and it is happening right now.
Now how does this alter the suffering of waiting the ones you love dearly suffering in the shadows they are creating because they feel unworthy? First it gives you the sensation of what is real, for separation is an illusion. And by carrying that emotion, by practicing the act of carrying the emotion of togetherness, you co-create it, you Create it in the now.
How are you creating in the here and now by imagining a parallel life in which he or she has found self worth and allowed love in? By emanating a very concrete atomic energy. If you stay in this exercise just for a few minutes, you produce such powerful light that affects the other soul. Because my dears, another sign of true love is connection. Naming something love doesn’t make it so. Humans tend to distort this beautiful word and use it at random, then they call many things love that are nothing to do with love. Love is real connection. Without connection, it is something else.
True love feels whatever the other one feels. How? Soul connection creates energy connection that is not under your control. A basic premise of true love is feeling without words, is knowing without being physically next to one another. Insensibility, lack of knowledge about the other, those are serious signs that whatever you are naming love, isn’t. There is no such a thing as love without the knowing in invisible layers, in other densities and dimensions. True love taps dense matter but it inhabits the multi-dimensions of connection.
Do not, do not, do not, name love, something that only inhabits this present layer of reality that your five senses alone can grasp. Love is being matter, love is beyond atomic structure, love is in other realities, time-spaces and densities or dimensions. How do you know? You do, because it precedes your five senses and goes way, way beyond it. You don’t need to remember your other realities and existences to know you have them, and remember to tune in to your emotions, the ones that your body cannot deny you. Those are more real than what your poorly developed agreements are telling. It is way beyond and more powerful.
Mothers know that sometimes, not all mothers, but some do. They just know when their children need something or are happy about something even after they grow and are far away, physically. Because there is no distance to the energy of connection, it doesn’t matter how far away a son or a daughter moves to, if the love is true love, the body senses, the soul tells, and the explanation for this phenomena is unnecessary. You can use this motherly connection as a means to understand what we say love to be.
Close your eyes dear human, do you feel that person even when he or she is away, even when he or she is separated from you by death? If you do, then you are feeling true love. In this eternal connection, that defies your logic and your five senses you might find the comfort you seek. In realization that separation is an illusion in 3D, there is no separation. Togetherness defies your concepts of being with someone, and so, the pain of separation diminishes as you shift your concept of separation being just an illusion.
The day starts though, and you miss that person all the same as you go through your breakfast. We have been one of you many times. We know. But if in this moment you make a conscious choice to connect energetically, and you will at least try because we know who is reading. If you connect, higher self to higher self, divinity to divinity… Oh dear human, it will lessen, it will bring you joy and even a smile. It might bring you a tear or two but it wont be so bitter, it might be a sweetness that overflows for a moment. For you are for ever connected in case love is real.
Discernment comes also with this awareness of connection, because you were tricked dear human, to get entangled in many unpleasant things that are not necessary. You were led to carry guilts and responsibilities regarding people who told you they loved you. But think carefully about if and how the connections take place before you jump is this guilt and responsibility for a feeling that just is not real. You change your path, you sacrifice for someone who allegedly loves you, yet, is there a real connection?
This is a very practical teaching, so you can be very concrete in your pursue for happiness and joy. Don’t stay in so much suffering if you can have the objective of living a more fulfilling love. There is so much to connect out there dear human, so many of you desire to connect but you were in the dark about what love is, bumping and getting entangled in things and people who are not connection. They will be one day, all of you will remember and be light one day. But we wish to be practical today in our teaching and we say, human nature is of real belonging in oneness, wish and pursue what is your divine right. True connection, that is true love.
Blessings to all, compassion to all, but my dears, who enters your house? Who has exchanged energies with you in your intimacy? Analyze that, because you are in self worth or not. And if you choose now to be in self worth then you have to choose who is touching your intimacy. Spirituality is in the body, we stated it before and we state it again. Your body was created through your divine self, to be an enlightenment mechanism, so make an altar to your divine body and love what it is. And how can your divine body find health and balance and bring you joy if it is touched in disconnection every time it is being touched?
It is better not to be in touch for a while than to receive empty touch. The energy stays balanced in solitude, it gets unbalanced, dangerously sometimes, in disconnection. For false connections bring the expectation of something that happens backwards energetically, and then you get un-balance. Believe in real connections and listen, listen, listen to your deep emotions. Your bodies are unable to lie, just listen to this layer of you that is wiser than your concrete thoughts, many times the body knows better.
Now a last word on waiting, for those who cannot change free will, and many times there is nothing to be done but wait. Wait in the knowledge that connections are infinite, for ever lasting and abundant. In the end, there will not be couples or mothers and fathers, and there will not be death. Those topics are related to your density of matter, therefore, you might consider viewing the bigger picture before you feel hopeless. So it is possible to love many people in strange ways for your concrete relative societal rules.
Someone who was supposed to be a friend might feel as a mother, and a blood relative might feel as a nobody. A husband might be completely disconnected from his wife and feel connected to some other woman. That is your reality and you carry so much guilt about it and yet you find yourselves unable to change it one bit. Because dis-connection feels as it feels. Possession, status, roles and rules cannot create connection, or even fake it. Know that all go through this and those distortions are not distortions, they are the truth emerging behind the illusions.

Merita 6

Be truthful to your and in your divinity. The solution is always going through the truth that is in the divine you. The divine you has no shadow, has no lie, has no fear, it has but love and the desire of connection. Listen to your divinity and find better ways to live your concrete reality. The social rules were created a long time ago to rule over humanity in a way that is not proper, because the intention behind it was disconnection. Connect within, with your inner truth and self worth and the answers you need regarding the possibilities of love in your reality will come in clarity.
Your divine truth needs no justification and no excuse, what it needs is self worth. Be kind and compassionate with yourselves, be patient with everybody else, but if you don’t love yourself human, you will find very hard to be compassionate and kind to others. Everything becomes a sacrifice when you are not in self worth, and kindness is so easy for happy people. So do the world a huge, immense service, and pursue your individual love and connection, so you can be happy and loving in this Earth. The planet requests that you are happier now.
The Star Beings of 12th density incarnation

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