Guardian X – message 9

Tonight is special for various reasons. My dear beloveds, I am here to announce something that will leave all in awe. I am going to give you a preview of something new to our channels. It is about the transition of the planet through this universe, because as a silver guardian, we all, me included, get to see things from a bigger picture in terms of spiral movements of this galaxy. So I will present some knowledge from this reality layer’s perspective that only those who inhabit in this level can perceive. Now imagine this movement of rotation that you have on Earth every second and think about it as a replica of everything that happens afterwards. For example, translation is a bigger replica of rotation, then you have the swirling of the galaxy and then dear ones, you have the same happening to your universe in a much bigger way. But it is all based on the same principle that connects all material reality. The magnetics are a force that exist in union, completely inseparable, from this layer of matter. There is no matter without the magnetics with it. There is however a lot of magnetic life happening without dense matter. Because the magnectis are beyond, before and after. It is a law of Creation that what you would think as semi matter is in fact the real thing. Are we, the energy beings, more real than you 3D humans then? Yes, in way we are, because our lives are not so fragile or so limited as the one you live. We incarnate in flexible bodies that are able to accomplish many things that 3D bodies cannot. We fly through the space and time as we wish, by thought and creation of patterns of energy, and yet it is incarnated life when we are in it. Me personally, I am not incarnated, but the silver guardians that are assisting the planet are very much alive, not in soul, but in a physical body of light matter. A body that is not so heavy. Now if there is this other type of existence that seems so much better why are you, dear humans, stuck in this dense matter? Because the things one can learn in this experience are unlimited. The limitation of your matter allows your souls to expand in the extreme speed. The tough challenges cause your expansion to go at light speed compared to a more “comfortable” incarnation as the silver guardians have. Right now you are entitled to ask why this is all so hard to evolve, if the Star Beings said evolution should be paralleled with joy and love? It CAN be in any scenario, and what I am describing just explains how you already feel. I am not really bringing any new emotions about the bodies you took, I am simply explaining why you feel the way you already feel in it. For you all have inhabited lighter bodies in other lives and you miss it terribly. Therefore I am here to discuss the way things are working in your emotions and feelings about this dear body you find so difficult to love. Now lets go back to the rotation movements. Disconnecting one level of rotation from the other would give the impression that a planet stays in the same spot for ever, rotating around itself. The reality of the movement only makes real sense once you understand the bigger picture of it happening in the entire universe and all this centripetal coordination taking place in a fantastic movement. Can you even picture these whole layers moving together, the beauty of it… Ah… Beloved human, your precious body is part of the movement. How would all this universe move about in such beauty and leave you stuck in “dense matter” like this. Stop to look around, do you see the rotation, no you do not, because you are in it! Do you see translation? Do you feel the galaxy swirling? Off course not! Because you are inside of it. So why do you think that your perception about the beauty of this incarnation in this body would be comprehensible to you? It is time to go to the bigger picture of your experience here. You have such elevated concepts about Creation and God, or whatever name you like in your tradition. Yet, you see yourself as a small defective part of it in a heavy, useless body. Yes I said useless, because you complain about it all the time, don’t you? Think about one single day in this existence in which you had nothing to whine about your body. Hard to find… I see it well, how you mistreat and compensate for your lack of self worth by treating your bodies as villains. They are precious gifts given to you by the Creator in you. You, believe me, you are the one who designed it for a very special purpose, as it is, as it is right here and now. Because this body is a code of all that you carry in all the other layers of you. The body is a book you can read about someone’s soul. Your lack of self worth is all there, in the way you hate, some come to the point of hating their own bodies. Light workers tend to oppose the physical reality even more than people who are not so connected to their consciousness. Why? Because they were taught to perceive the body as an obstacle for the feelings and wisdom that are in the soul. That violates the reason that you have yourselves, regarding the perfection of Creation. So if the universe is moving and you are not aware because you are in it, you bodies are part of the movement. The energy of co-creation, or creation, that you emanate from your dense matter is part of the movement. It feeds the magnetics, it feeds the whole universe and interferes in how it moves. Atoms, it all resumes to that in this layer of matter. Thought interferes in how atoms behave and your collective thinking interferes in how the planet goes in its trajectory and so on. It impacts everything and is impacted by everything, for everything is connected. What is the main job of your body in the whole of matter, in this reality of atoms? To produce a very special type of intelligent energy that interacts directly on how the planet moves. You, as incarnated beings, and the planet are a unit. Together, since you already know how Gaia is a soul, you define the path it takes through the solar system and the galaxy and the universe and the multiverse. So, look at your body now and be grateful because it is a power house, it is a major producer of intelligent atomic life and matter that is required for the universe to keep moving and even existing. A universe without incarnated beings would cease to have the centripetal motion and would then cease to exist, for existence is only possible to sustain life and because of life. Those things cannot be separated, they are one unity in Creation. 3D, 4D, 5D bodies are the motor behind the wheels of atomic universes. Right now, your breathing process alone is generating the power, the motion that sustains it all. You are there as a human because you are part of something so much bigger and beautiful. So perfect. You are the perfection of the universe and the universe needs you to rejoice in it. Your experience is the life of all there is and all of us in the higher densities of matter depend on you to obtain certain types of matter that only you produce. Our work might seem more important and noble than yours, but the truth is, that without your engines, your ability to produce matter and multiply energy in an atomic level, without you dear human, we would cease to exist in our levels of matter as well. So be in the knowledge that every single type of life is as important as any other. Your lesson number nine, the number or realization, is to understand how magnificent you are, and to love your body as a divine creation that exists for the support of existence itself. Receive this knowledge in the love of your soul, that now has a concept that will bring joy in being responsible for such beauty. I hope to be one of you soon, for I, from this layer of reality, want nothing more than the privilege of designing my own “dense matter” little magic body. It is a magic body indeed, and mine will be even more, because by being so grateful and in love with it, I will be able to unlock possibilities that only those who love and are grateful can. Care to follow me?
Guardian X (not to be Greek again for I desire something new)

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