Star Beings – message 5

(Image by Merita Bat Shoshan:
Dear friends, it is an honor to bring such concepts about Creation. Eventfully it is what we have been waiting for over thousands of years. Maturity of humanity has reached a peak in this cycle of civilizations. For there has been a time of raised awareness in the past of Earth in which time and space dimensions were understood. But those souls had a different composition than we have nowadays. In the present reality, with the current group of souls, this is unprecedent.
So our writings might be difficult for some to get the meaning. We saw you reading it twice, the last message and we were pleased that you gave it the second reading because it was important to get the real understanding of it. The fabric of this reality is ingrained in your Creative capabilities in way that might seem overly compensating for your desempowered status. Humanity in this planet was suppressed of a knowledge of being creators of their own reality. Why? So power would solely be put in the hands of those who felt the need to control populations.
Time has come to set you free, in your minds and consciousness. Once you regain the power of knowing you are indeed in your own creations, you can take it back and those systems will crumble. You don’t need to judge, to stand against it, to even talk about it because it ceases to be of relevance once you reclaim your own power and you stay in this power. It is very simple, you act on what is behind the distortion and the distortion ceases to be. There is no need for any struggle.
Same action can be used in whatever issue regarding your personal lives. We taught you to go directly to the desires preceding any unpleasant feelings. That is a tremendous tool in practical life and how much joy you can have in your days. This third density reality requires that you remember over and over again to take the steps in being happy. Because the wish to be happy was deeply suppressed and made wrong. It is only right to believe happiness is selfish if you are the slaves of the old systems. Happy people are generous without effort, unhappy people are martyrs, deep inside, martyrdom is still ego based. The vanity of sacrifice makes it all more worthy by the measure of the sacrifice itself not the benefit brought by it, or allegedly created by it, since many times it is not even real.
Happiness brings sharing with no effort, it is abundance in itself so sharing comes from an endless source that doesn’t become empty. No matter how much one shares, there is always more for everybody. So the selfish mode of interacting is actually from the ego-martyr pattern, that doesn’t serve anyone but those in the enslavement power. It has been a tough game played in this reality, the fabric was weaved so precisely that got everyone believing in something that has never once worked properly. And humanity followed through with it, never questioning how and why were they following something that backfired every time. For centuries it has been this way and you have followed this instructions and tried really hard to make it work, but it is impossible because there is a fundamental flaw in the concepts behind such way of acting.
The solar system has entered a new time-space in which the energies flooding the environment are forcing the changes that are happening. There is no delaying, no preventing, no more old games will survive for long. And our messages are to be read by those who are feeling it now and desire a new level of seeing regarding the realities, for there are layers of realities that can be understood now that were not possible before entering the time-space we display. You have entered it already, more to say, you are in it as we type these words because the message will be long lasting and many will read in the years to come. More than right now actually. Not many are ready to realize and be comfortable with the realization behind our teachings. It might make some feel uncomfortable to be told that each individual is creator, not co-creator, not a victim, of their own reality. It is very well and we beg those who feel synchronized in those teachings not to try and convince anyone. It either comes from the inner core or not. Stay in your kindness and do what is best for you alone. Paths are unique as souls are unique and that is the way it has to be. It is perfect as it is.
Are those who take our messages in higher position? Absolutely not. It is one possible position in this reality and that is all there is. Many teachings, many different ways of understanding the same unity of teachings that is love. We mentioned Creation and the desire behind every conflict and difficulty in this reality. We will simplify one important thing that is about desires. In the end, they all come to be about love, the true force behind Creation. What is this magic light that generated you before your divinity entered this cycle of experiences? It is love. Simple and powerful truth that applies to any religion, belief, system and so on. So why would a being fight another being over a belief if in the end, or even before anything, there is love. Love is before and after all beliefs.
Creation, you as a collective, in your creative power, are summarized in this four letters word: love. So follow in your expansion as you feel it resonates, as you feel it works best for you. Continue in your search, your quest, we encourage growth in any way that works for you. And let others do it their own way, because it doesn’t really matter which way is the unique way. The end result is love in any path, in any truth, since there is only one truth that works for all life, that is love. All the other truths lead to this one, and then they are not important since they are only means to an absolute end. Create love! Whenever you are insecure, feeling the need to question, is this real, is this true? Whatever gets your heart in doubt, a master, a teaching, a truth that doesn’t resonate very well, simply take it to your heart and feel if it is love or not. And know that you are completely entitled to chose your own truth-love.
But what if this truth that doesn’t resonate comes from a wise master I should bow to? Who said you are to ever bow to anyone but yourself dear human? Bow to the love that is the divinity in you alone. Only that shall be your guidance. Build an altar inside your own soul for your own divinity and that is all the worship that is required for your expansion, for your path in the happiness that causes the expansion. Expanding without happiness is reaching a wall of rust every now and then. True knowledge is imbued with true love and therefore hope and joy. So seek for what resonates with your divine joy. If your heart ever sinks while reading or listening to a teaching, let it go. The light in you must be enhanced by the teaching, or else, it doesn’t serve you.
Stay in the path of light by knowing the light in you shines brighter with what you bring in awareness. Feed your light with more light, then you know it is your true path. Stay in joy and hope and that is the truth you require. Feel in your body the sensation of a truth that is yours, your body can never lie to you. Whenever you are in a conflict about the path to go, about the divinity in you being heard or silenced, your body will show you with astounding clarity all that you need to know. The physical body is an unquestionable truth shower, listen to your sensations and raw emotions. And the body cannot be silenced, don’t even try or it will show in the form of diseases. Tune in to your physical aspect. You were taught to perceive your body as a barrier, impeding expansion of consciousness. That was lie dear ones. Your body was designed by your divinity to assist greatly in your expansion. Reclaim the wisdom stored in your cells, muscles and bones. Repossess the sensations and raw emotions and lift them to the status of wisdom from your divine self.
In love with you who read us and with those who do not. Reverberate our lessons in energy, not words and that shall fulfill the master plan for shifting humanity. Every light counts and it doesn’t matter at all how it came about. We are here to teach those who resonate because the light in them is what we seek to make more powerful, and that is all that we take interest in. So shine little, shine whatever way you can, no one is taking measures. Know that your little light is a giant light, your perception will change in a near future. However tiny you might think you are, it doesn’t matter, you are a giant in this changing reality. Let it be bright as you can and it is always perfection from our side of reality. One day all will understand how they are love. You are love already, no need to be but to remember how you already are.
The Star Beings

Merita 5


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