Guardian X – message 8

My dear beloveds, I am here tonight, yet again with a new topic. I know how diverse my messages seem to you, they are a reflection of the moment. I don’t usually plan them much ahead as you may think I do, because this adventure, indeed, is an adventure to me and dear Ada. My sister was not prepared for this in anyway, neither was I to be honest, our plan was different, our contract per se was another. But things have changed in our lives, existence in my case, since I inhabit another layer of this life. In any case we set this messages as what one might call a plan “B”. You see, our plan was very unique and revealing it might hurt some people who were not there when we needed to fulfill some contracts. What matters to be known is not what never become, but that my dear friends, whenever something does not become, something else does in its place. So Ada and I didn’t become what we had agreed on by the actions of those surrounding us. Then I told her when she was in deepest sadness about it “light always finds a way to be put in this world. We had a plan, there is always a new plan to those who are willing to persist.” She agreed without asking, she just would do anything to allow me to speak my words in this world. And here I am now, the spontaneous Guardian X who talks about everything in a way that is not traditional in channelings, because dear ones, this is plan B and C. Plan B grew the light in it, because once people get stood up in life but they don’t quit where others had quit, beautiful, amazing things might happen from that. It is a tree feeling the shadow of a wall that was put where there was only forest. The tree begins to grow to where the light is possible after the wall is put there and doesn’t give up. In this way it creates a peculiar shape to one side and inclines towards the sun generating a very unique tree. Ada and I were stood up in this life at some point, as all of you have here and there, in this or that way. I ask of you, did you quit when you were quit? If you did, because you were led to believe you depended on someone else to put your light out there, I beg you to pick yourself up and start again. Believe that the Universe creates plans Bs, Cs, all the way to infinity to anyone who is willing to be light. There is nothing that can prevent light from shinning from a heart that is willing. For temptation might have robbed you from the support or the friend you counted on your journey, that happens and it is a reality. I am not here to paint rainbows, for you have lived this situations more often than I would like to believe. Light worker, listen to me, listen to Ada, pick yourself up and keep on believing in what you had believed before you were let down by another human. They were all humans, those who didn’t show up, who didn’t step up to their promises. Only humans, imperfect, like anyone in this reality that you are living. Skip the judgment, skip the self pity, the sorrow and go directly to action. Not stubbornly trying to recreate plan A, that is gone dear one, ask the Creator of all things, the divine in you, to show you greater alternatives. Yes my dear, greater, because of what you have already learned, because you have grown a great deal from your disappointment and sometimes long wait. Stop waiting for this or that thing to happen, or person to come. What is YOUR light telling you to do TODAY? Is it writing, singing, healing with your beautiful heart? Perhaps your dreams are even buried under a pile of disappointment, don’t allow anyone to stop you ever again, in case you did. We all do at some point in duality, in this layer of reality you are. And I tell you dear ones, that the line to incarnate right now, the ones waiting so anxiously to have a chance to be there with you is unbelievable. Has never been like this since Earth begun its journey. So appreciate being there, I know not all days are filled with joy, but trust me, it is a very desired position, to take part in the shift, to build it collectively as you are doing. So tell yourself how lucky you are to be there and then, one of the light workers of the magnificent times you are experiencing, for those moments are so precious and so many of us wished to be there as you have the opportunity to be. Allow your higher aspects to bring you the message of what you want in your soul, what are you doing on Earth right now dear human in 3 to 5D. What is your true purpose? Because know that even if you don’t remember, it was your request to be there. I say very often how you are volunteers and I noticed how many think they are there out of someone else’s request. No my dear, you are on Earth as a living, breathing, light being, because YOU have requested it. So make the best out of whatever time you have. Skip the waiting, what are you waiting for? There is only today really. That is all anyone, in any level of reality has. And that is your homework number 8, the number of realization, the possible, the concrete. Make your dream, build your light in a concrete way, where you are, with whatever resources you have NOW. Not when this or that, not if, not despite of. NOW. You are not there out of anyone’s wish but yours, so make it count and joy will follow.
Guardian X (the one who wished to be there and didn’t make it through plan A, which didn’t stop him at all, and now he is here on plan B and C with his message)

One thought on “Guardian X – message 8

  1. Haaaa, thank you Mr. X
    This one is so much for me now.
    God knows I must be on plan C or D . So many fell through. And I so much believed in partnetships, good ones, not dependency really !!! Thank you for the support !!!

    Liked by 1 person

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