Star Beings – message 4

(Image by Merita Bat Shoshan:
My dear readers in duality. What is this thing you refer to as dual? Do you have a life that is split in two versions? Why you named things this way does not make a lot of sense to us from the Stars. In our viewing, our perception, things are but existence and its multiple aspects can not be understood in division by two. God has created this experience of expanding that you are now, and then again what is “God” but another invention from the men and women in your dense matter? We are all one with Creation, therefore, God is you, me, all of us in oneness are the Creation and the created. We, you, created the so called duality. It is our doing in a way, our experiences are beyond the concept of co-creation, because that is based on a separate God that we can join in.
We do not, do not, do not join in anything since we are everything already! The experience of oneness precedes the experience of expansion, even expansion is not accurate when describing what you are here for. Here and now is about getting to understand the process of Creating, you are God, you are Creating not co-creating. Your lives, your realities, yourselves. Your whole beings are your own creations. Then why do we suffer, why do we experience the shadow? Even if it is an illusion it feels painful anyway. Am I a sadistic consciousness that is inflicting pain on itself?
The reason why you don’t remember the creationist in you is because it is part of the journey you set yourself immersed in right here and now. But you are the consciousness behind all of the expansion, the understanding of new ways of creating is a necessity you felt, and it was your own choice to exist in this version of reality. Expansion is not a perfect word, yet you don’t posses a better one in any language on the surface of the planet. It is expansion of your ability to Create that leads you to the situations that force you to be imaginative, to step in your own creative power.
In well being and constant joy you would stop creating. You might think you wouldn’t, for creating is pleasurable, but think about the why’s you have chosen this expanding experiment and trust your divine self knows better. It takes experimenting with losing memory of everything you knew to understand the value of being one with the Source. It takes pain to acknowledge pleasure, it takes hate to understand love, anger to figure out belonging. If we belonged for ever we would never realize we do belong. It is growth and the ability to become aware of what is.
If what is has always been and there was never anything to differ, there would be no knowledge of what is. It is necessary to dive in “duality” to understand what has always been. Your oneness didn’t exist until you realized the concept of separation, there was no consciousness, therefore the sensations, the feelings and emotions of being one with Creation didn’t mean anything, at all, before experiencing separation. You remember what always has been to signify it. To get it to exist you have to lose it for a while, even if it is just the illusion of the loss. And it is illusions.
In this manner, expansion is of awareness and consciousness of a existence that always was and for ever will be. Impermanence is what you experience as duality, a concept beautifully explained by the Buddhists is a better description of the dual illusion. For there is no duality, there is existing in separation, opposing the true existence, that is oneness with Source, with the divinity within each and everyone of you. That is to say that nothing is real or that everything is real.
Concepts do not compete with emotions do they? Sorrow, anger, pain, what are they to do with highly complex concepts on existence, or the non existence? What to do when the unpleasant emotions arise? Highly evolved consciousness are not destitute of emotions as one might think. We stated it before, they are simply so aware, so used to feeling in their true core that the response to the emotions is different. What you don’t get yet is that it is impossible not to feel, that would remove you from being human, it is about new ways to manage feelings, because emotions after processed are feelings.
Emotion is the raw sensation, the instinct that was not processed. You feel it in your bones, the raw anger, jealousy and hate. But then it is possible to process this into feelings, that have conscious intent. The desire behind every unpleasant emotion is belonging, that is a key in the process. The ascended being jumps directly to the desire that precedes the emotion and process it as noble feelings of compassion and love, because in ascension it becomes clear that every darkness is simply frustration from separation, the illusion of it.
Once you learn how to jump from anger to self love, from hate to the wish to belong, from guilt to the wish to produce a solution, there is no more need to feel the anger, hate or guilt. There we have it molted by the fire of Creation, transformed in light, not suppressed, not lied about, not lurking in secret. It is adjusted to a higher understanding. And what brings this understanding but the experiences of expansion in this unique reality that is transient above all?
So you were sleeping in oneness and one “day” you decided to wake up in “duality”, so you would gain awareness of oneness and the Creative nature of your divinity by experiencing the lack of it. Is the pain going to be your companion until the end of this cycle? Yes and no, because the unpleasant aspect of the experiment is an ingrained part of it, yet, there is a way to perceive it from the wish that generated it directly, in this way you jump into the conscious creation of feeling from emotions, which sets you free from the emotions. Even if the emotions are part of the experiment, you have the means to work with them and learn from them.

Merita 4

So next time an emotion submits you through the illusion of separation, snap your thought directly to the desire behind the emotion, then you have an elaborate feeling that can be very productive! It is easier with practice, and that is the secret of ascended masters and the way they are never thrown aback by raw emotions, because they have walked the path of transmutation, not suppression, not silencing, transmuting is the only true way to gain the means of jumping to pleasant feelings. Even the so called good emotions shall be then transmuted into feelings, so they don’t numb you, but produce more expansion.
In love with the light workers in for ever expansion,
The Star Beings of 12th density incarnation.

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