Guardian X – message 7

Guardian X – message 7

This is a night to be celebrated! I know many of you think it is silly to celebrate dates such as mother’s day. That this is a commercial invention, made to get you to spend money on things you wouldn’t normally spend. But there is a truth in it that many of you are not realizing. How commemorating something that honors the divine feminine is so much grander, it has a purpose of light, that is ahead of the commercial intent. In ancient civilizations, they also celebrated many special days, in spiritual ceremonies that generated a very precious energy to the collective and to the planet. You lost that in a way, but your souls remember in a spiritual level, so you keep on morphing those practices in whatever shape suits the civilization you incarnate in. Then everybody got to visit or honor their deceased mothers on the same day, even if your society seems to have distorted the entire meaning of it, your hearts had carried the same love throughout the entire day. Therefore, you have indeed generated a collective energy of honoring the divine feminine, an aspect of this divinity, in your own societal norm. The spiritual precedes, the spiritual pervades, invades, it is a force that comes from menkind’s deepest initiative on celebrating such days, even if the majority has no clue, they are celebrating in way that generates beautiful energy to all and to Gaia’s physical realms. The planet is happy today, it feels the energy of love and it uses it to change some physical aspects on the surface. You assist Her into creating life when you love one another. If everyday carried the energy that we have here and now, the Earth would blossom unbelievably. Why am I explaining this? So that you, light worker, instead of feeling aversion regarding such celebrations, in case you do, since some of you do, stop this now. You can celebrate your own way, with your particular intent, and take part on a beautiful day of transmuting energies on the beloved divine mother. Next Holiday will be unique for you after placing this perspective on it, won’t it? Try to see it as an echo from ancient traditions. It doesn’t matter how lost, how distorted it might seem to you, get the next celebration, take it to your heart and make it happen your own way. You believe this or that day should be taken in this or that manner but that is not the outer reality? Well, I challenge you to bring your own energy to it then! Stop complaining about what should it be, make it be in your heart and that will be amazing. Listen to the voices of the past civilizations, they loved celebrations, they loved special days, they loved honoring so many beautiful things! Do it for them. Smile at the ways that might seem distorted to you, because what if, even in that context, people are drawn into trying to be a bit better because of that celebration. Even if it is just for a day. It is not hypocrisy, don’t judge like this, it is counter productive. What is productive is enjoying the unique day in which that person decided to try his or her best and join in the energy and raise those people up with you. If you see further, contempt is not the answer, it never will be, so leave your prejudices aside and raise them up with a non judgmental energy. Homework for today: think of a Holiday or celebration that particularly seems hypocritical to you, now research its origins, I mean Google, History books, doesn’t matter. I assure you, that this day that seems nonsensical to you has a story, and you can connect to the energy of its origins, in silence, you don’t need to convince anyone of your truth, it is all about the energy. Be responsible for your energy when that day comes and feel the magic.
In love with the light workers of Earth,
Guardian X (with more to come about the good ol’ times)

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