Star Beings – message 3

(Image by Merita Bat Shoshan:

My dear friends, readers of Ada, lovers of Merita’s paintings, it is a wonderful evening of light here in Brazil. It was a sunny day and we were all around for the purpose of taking joy and happiness to people. We are here at night the same way, because the light of the stars feed your souls in other ways, it is distant in physical distance, but not in a quantum way. Let me explain. Your sacred origins are not directly from Earth, so where did you come from? You came from the stars, all of you came from other galaxies and places that are beyond in this and different universes. How do you get so dazzled by the night sky, many of you wondering if home is out there, because it is human nature to miss home, the fallen paradise of so many books.
Every planet orbits around a star, sometimes more than one. In this way there is a connection, all life form in any solar system identifies with its stars. So when you look up to the sky and see infinite shiny dots “up” there, your hearts tell you that somewhere, there is a home that you miss. This is not a vague sensation due to solitude as you have been led to believe, no, this is a very concrete knowledge that yes, there are many places out there that you might have called home. You have been to countless places of light and beauty, this is an experiment now, an offer to grow the light in a place that had little light. And we love you for what you are doing, we understand because as we have told you previously, we were human as well.
Our souls took high vibration life now, which means incarnation is easy, flowing without so much of the pains you carry. Density of matter is measurable, by the speed and behavior of atoms, simple physics that will be clarified in the next generations on Earth. Now consciousness is not quantifiable, never will be, because it expands slowly and in waves, it floats a bit. Consciousness can not be weighed, not measured, because it fluctuates and expands and has little ups and downs.
Have you ever felt that you took a step back in your evolution? You feel guilty whenever that happens, but know that this is the process to all. It is not a straight line, how could it be if we are talking about emotions. You probably focus too much attention in the mental processes, the ability to think and accumulate spiritual knowledge, well, the knowledge is important. So important that here we are, teaching these things. But it serves one only purpose, that is to shift and evolve the way you perceive, and then, the way you feel. If your heart doesn’t rise with your mind, you are wasting time on books that need to be put in feeling.
Discover who you truly are without fear. We are the Star Beings, always talking about joy and happiness, but that doesn’t mean repressing what causes pain. That is a very dangerous misunderstanding of the concept, and the feeling of joy. Sadness, grief, anger, they are real emotions and need a way out that is not pretending they are not there. They are human emotions, they have a job in your lives in the present reality. The job is teaching you how and where to expand. If everything was love and joy all the time no one would expand.
Take this lesson with you and meditate on your so called darkness for a while. Those emotions are not pleasant we know, but they mean well, they come from your inner self as much as the pleasant ones. Listen to your sadness, grief and anger, they will show you directions on expansion, they have an important role. The problems begin once you silence the unpleasant feelings, because in doing so, they turn into loud, screaming monsters. Out of control they will become if you don’t listen to their advices.
They are in you to teach you boundaries, to show you what you need to create in the universe, in your life. They are the compass to your most important needs, and if and when you listen, you find the right direction into fulfilling these needs, and that joy that you want, will be multiplied. You will find the map to joy by listening to the emotions that you believe are the enemy of joy. They are not, there are the way showers towards joy.

Golden Butterfly

Even anger, that you all fear so much, has a place in mapping joy to you. Anger is there with a precious message of what self love needs to come true. Those who lack self love can be so clumsy while taking care of themselves, they are able to put themselves in danger, in jeopardy and not do anything about it for a long time. Some spend entire lives never fighting over their basic needs. Anger is telling you which situation is harmful to you, what exactly has to change in your life if you want to be happy, that is the message of anger. Anger says “stop”, “move direction”, “danger”. Not physical danger, that is easy to get out of, what you have problems accepting is the emotional dangers of certain situations, but then you feel angry at that situation, and you should listen to the message of anger to know where to go.
So in all of this the message is the same. You have heard over and over that anger diminishes your light, that it is a sign of low consciousness, that ascended beings are peaceful 100% of the time. Let me say to you that it is not so simple. Ascended beings are so aware and in peace regarding their inner world of feelings, sensations and thoughts, that if they get the message from this core place that a situation needs to end, they end it before getting angry. They do not, do not, do not, submit themselves to what doesn’t serve their inner truth, they love themselves enough to be self protective and wise. Sacrifices are made with the correct intent, not to please others, not out of fear of others. A huge difference.
First you need to get in this point in the self knowledge path, so you can shift out of what doesn’t serve you, so fast, that you don’t need unpleasant emotions anymore. How do you get there? Well, there is no other way but to let any emotion talk to you, listen to all of them equally, to know what really is your joy in every situation. No short cuts, no ignoring what is inside, but listening, carefully and knowing that self love is protection are care for the self. Not just the physical boundary, emotional, psychological, spiritual protection. One day, you will be in a position not to need anger, but that happens naturally in evolution, suppressing it only creates monsters. Listen to your hearts, always.
For ever in love with the light workers of Earth,
The Star Beings

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