Guardian X – message 6

Dear beloveds, I am here today with something new that many will find interesting in the light of what has happened. The war on “terror” as they refer to some events on your planet is taking a new turn. It is beginning to be seen as it really is, in fact, things are turning against those who generated such false beliefs. This system of fear had been always the same for thousands of years, the “winners” in the power hunger take on a weaker group that is still strong enough to be a threat and make them into demons. Demonizing is so easy, you paint some ugly caricature of anyone and the mass drinks of it eagerly, since hating someone else makes self-hatred bearable. Deep inside, behind the false pride, all conquerors are extremely insecure. You wonder how do I know that? I was a great general of the past, walking the path of a great conqueror. You might find our names on History books so easily, but I will not reveal the names properly, so you don’t bring that energy to the present. Some of you still think about this great conqueror as a great man and I was there to testify, that he was nothing but an insecure little man, hurting so he wouldn’t feel the oppression of his inferiority, or the illusion he had about it. He is a Godly soul and has come such a long way on Earth, incarnating so often as a slave and a woman, to experience what his own consciousness brought upon him. God never punishes, Creation wants expansion of light and guilt is actually time wasted in dis-connection. God wants action, an evolved soul knows how to self-forgive and move on into BUILDING mode. Punishing mode builds zero, nothing, is it such a big waste. Oh no dear readers, be active in expanding your light, that is so much better than silly self-punishing. The war is a common thing in 3D, it is everywhere in the Cosmos, in other realities as well and universes and life forms. It is the bully lowering himself through demonizing an easy target. Am I saying that any religious group on Earth is better than any other, or not as faulty as the other? No, I am never going to say that. Religions are different clothes to dress human interests in controlling the masses, true spirituality is so rare in the official temples that connect themselves to governments. Whenever a religion becomes the religion of the politics, beware, be very cautious with power hunger leaders, be them in any cloth they choose to. But the war is the struggle of the prominent, the vain, the powerful in politics and organized religion. The spiritual, the truly faithful, those are not interested in the war, they are fulfilled with their light! They are happy, dancing, praying and loving one another. True spirituality happens in all religions and outside of religions, it comes from the soul. You recognize spiritual beings by their inner peace, the absence of the desire to fight. Bullies are the portrait of self-deprecation and deep insecurities. You have the kindergarten bully and you have the presidential bully, who one day was a very problematic little boy or girl. No one starts a war out of good intentions, pay attention to the speeches and the stories that justify wars, they are all idiosyncrasies, simplistic, rough sketches of a truth that does not sustain itself in front of attentive and peaceful hearts. The war mongers use such impoverished rhetoric, but as long as they are fulfilling a collective need they don’t really need to try that hard to convince people. Their speeches are actually very poor, intellectually, people buy into it because it fulfills some desires that they have. Now I challenge you to convince a true spiritual being of the rhetorical arguments of war, you will never succeed. Even if the arguments improve in quality, which has been the case in past wars but not this one, you can never convince a happy, fulfilled, light consciousness. Not even Socrates would be able to convince the Dalai Lama to fight! It they were ever to meet. Socrates, the greatest mind of all Greece, he was a pacifist, I am mentioning his skills in leading an argument. No one could do it like him, I watched him many times because I was there. And that is something I can reveal because that is GOOD energy, the energy of a man who taught by making people think by themselves. A true master is not threatened by disciples’ intelligence, he is flattered, he feels he has accomplished himself as a teacher. And so, beloveds, think about war as an exercise of the unfaithful in themselves against the easy target. Because they need to oppress whoever they find the easiest so they feel better about themselves. I challenge you to analyze the current rhetoric against the ancient philosophers’ standards, and you only may refrain from laughing because we are talking about the sadness of wars. But the arguments used in this present time are nothing but laughable, poorly constructed to feed minds hungry of hate. They resonate by the energy alone, not because of the nonsensical stories. But be calm and resilient in your light, for the stupid wars, yes I mean stupid, they are doomed to be nothing but a chapter in your History books. Once people wake up, and they are waking up, they will be able to see the ridicule, the farce, that you my dears, already recon. Feed the light and that is a job well done. Think about the number of questions uprising, the number of people saying they had enough. That is new energy uprising, new energy saying enough of the past repeating itself. It is a war in the energy field most of all, dense matter is only a reflection, so be soldiers with us, the Silver Army, resonate with US, the light workers. Believe that you do so much by smiling, by being kind and generous, to yourselves and one another. Any small gesture of joy and kindness feeds the energy of the light, and that is so contagious. I wish you could see the difference it makes every time you just smile. It doesn’t take a lot really, to change things definitely, just be who you are, where you are and bring hope to your surroundings. And that is your homework for today.
Your dear Guardian X (the Greek ha)

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