Star Beings – message 2

(Image by Merita Bat Shoshan:
This is another wonderful day to us from the stars. We have been watching you so closely, now the time has come to be close to Earth’s lighter consciousness, those who can feel our energy know the difference between two years ago and this present year. We came from the beginning, we helped the planet’s design, we were architects in Earth’s first generations of life forms. Humans were not around, and then it was your turn and things unfolded in a very special manner, so you could have a home, to learn again how to be light.
Is light your origin as it was stated by our friend Guardian X? Don’t be surprised about our partnership, think that both energies are being combined in one channeler, there must be a strong reason for such. All of you who have favorite channelers are used to one specific being, or energy, being connected to a specif human. This situation is sui generis, as you would say, for us it is just natural since we and the Silver Guardians work in close partnership.
We need their energy to stabilize our immense advance now. They filter our energy so that it is adapted to each individual place on the grid and Earth doesn’t get more than what is bearable in each specific region. The Sun is expanding its activities regarding the evolution of your consciousness. It is emanating more than you are used to and the material layers of your reality need an intelligent type of distribution for this energy. In a way that nothing is wasted and nothing is ever too much. In a perfect accordance to the inner most necessities of each individual.
Indeed, we are much more in contact with humans now than they are able to understand. The shift is a very complex process, it is required that every detail is in the hands of experts. We together are the experts in this particular topic. There is an infinitude of other types of intelligences assisting you as we dictate this message. Throughout the entire history of Earth we have assisted the evolution of matter and consciousness, in this particular moment help was due, and therefore, our Silver Guardians came in a great legion. They have also always been here, but not in the numbers they are now. So whenever you wonder about why Ada is a channeler of two instead of one, you already figured the partnership. More information needs to be revealed, we shall come back many more times.

Merita 2 light

In love with the humans who work in partnership with the light we are. For ever have been and in this universe, for ever will be. The Silver Guardians are here with us, and Ada is the door through which their messages come. The Silver energy is too peculiar, it takes a silver soul to channel, for now. However, attention to this, we the Star Beings, might be channeled abundantly, because our energy has been with you since the dawn of times, in other lives, in other realms of existence. Anyone can channel us in reality, it is matter of tuning to our frequency and staying in it.
The energy of pure joy and contentment, of innocence in laughter, we go to those who have pure hearts and don’t refuse the light with self deprecation. We come through anyone at any time, all we need is a pure heart filled with innocence and joy. We bless all of you equally, but to hear our true voice, you need these adjectives, and many do posses it. Stay in your light now. That is the job of a light worker, to simply be in the light, no regret can come of this.
Your friends in the golden light of the stars,
The Star Beings

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