Guardian X – message 5

Today there is a new topic I will approach. It refers to your inner abilities to perceive light and find your own directions in the expansion of it. No one is ever in the dark, in reality, that is a misconception that has been cultivated in the worst intentions possible. Beloved humans who read this piece of intelligence from another type of consciousness, for I am from a different path in existence, I have been to places and dimensions that you don’t recall so often. Some of you may feel you have been to other types of realities and I am to tell you that those impressions are not fantasy, they are close to reality, closer than looking around with your human five senses and thinking that that is all there is. How would it be true if the attributes of God are all infinite? Don’t be amazed, it is but natural that the realities are infinitely unique, and our paths, your paths, have been embarking in adventures that seem fantastic. You have been to places that you don’t understand, yet look at your arts and beautiful stories of “aliens”, other worlds, other dimensions. Deep inside you know, and you miss it dearly, to know that you know what you already know! Riddles are fun, you need to lighten up this whole thing about extraterrestrials, you ARE all extra-Earthly beings in your origins, no one is from Earth, this is not how 3D planets work. The dynamics of 3D is to receive souls from outer origins, so in duality they expand in light. And here you all are, in this duality, believing you have a task to do, that is to overcome such alleged darkness and that you were made to believe is your own. It is not, in any way, a salutary perception. There is no darkness in you, there is only connection or dis-connection from the original light you are. Even to say dis-connection is an illusion, but is a way to visualize and understand what I mean. It is not really to re-connect because no one is ever dis-connected, all you do is REMEBERING how you have been connected all along. The goal of 3D existence, of the duality that is being overcome by far for so many of you, is not to go into darkness and “sin” and pay some debt. The reason why you have come to duality is expansion through experience. Feeling the perception of darkness gives you an experience of duality, in that experience you re-member your inner connection and the origin of you, that is the light of Creation. How do we achieve this remembering state of being? By questioning how you have been taught to perceive God. Is your God benevolence or evil? Is your God Creation or created by men? Is your God all power and omniscience or is your God making mistakes such as any human? Decide what you wish to believe from the truth of your hearts. The belief systems you have now were mostly created from dis-connected minds. The words of the wise were shattered and distorted with intent. Feel the truth of the avatars you love in your hearts because the written words were written by men. Filter, question, take responsibility and possession for what you believe. It shall be YOUR belief, YOUR guidance, it can’t come from outer sources. The lesson for this message is this: simplify all you believe into one single inner belief, that is the love of Creation for what is created. Take this love to your own soul and make it truly yours and NO ONE ever again shall be in the hands of mis-conception, because your concepts are your own. Free yourselves from whatever doesn’t resonate, no guilt has place, no fear has place in the love of God. Everything is about the expansion of YOUR own unique, individual light!
In love with you,
Guardian X, soon to reveal a name that befits this messages. You are in the new energy beloveds, take your power back so you are ready to know my name without hesitance.

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