Star Beings

(Image by Merita Bat Shoshan:
This is our first message by the means of a new enterprise. We are coming through Ada, our sister in light. She has welcomed us in her sanctuary, by which we mean her crystalline channel of love and compassion. Why would the beings living in the stars bring messages now? Because time has come to communicate our love to humanity, for you have raised your vibration enough for this to be spread. We have come from the stars, not this or that, because we are one. The stars in this universe are a collective unity, we don’t differentiate, we are one collective life form. We incarnate in the 12th density of matter, being in unison of thought, feelings and ascension purposes. We ascend together, we bring light to incarnate live as a whole in unison.
The planet is receiving more light than it ever did, because you can tolerate that light in your consciousness now. The ascension of the planet is causing your ascension, those who can’t see, feel it in a unpleasant way. It is your job, you who understand what is happening, to assure the ones who don’t that everything is in the light. There shall be no war, no end, humanity is thriving! It is beauty as never seen in this galaxy, you have achieved the unbelievable. The time is of celebration. Why keep you reading news that are so clearly a distortion? Turn your TVs off. Go within and feel the truth that surrounds you in a multidimensional level. It is not healthy to drink someone else’s truths, specially if they have an agenda, which is what the people behind current mainstream media have. You know it, yet, you keep on feeding your minds with it. Trust your inner guidance, trust your own intuition about what you see. Question the “truths” that are shown to you every day.
From our perspective, things have never been any better. Earth is this benevolent, ancient being that knows all you go through on Her body. She sees all dark plans, the intentions of persisting in the slavery system, She is in every mind, every facility. How would it be any different? Why is it so surprising to you that the planet you inhabit knows everything that takes place on Her. She is hosting you, the air you inhale, the food you eat, all the things you might believe to have an owner, well, they have One owner that is Gaia, not a human. No human has a drop of water that is not Gaia’s gift. She gives and She takes. She allows, She puts a stop!
Now think about it, that you are being hosted by a living being who is omniscient of whatever happens here. Your thoughts, intentions, actions. How else would it be? Whoever thinks himself, or herself so very clever that is hiding secretly, plotting. Oh… My dear humans, hiding where if you are on Her, in Her body? You can’t hide even underground, you can’t hide in the atmosphere, you can’t hide in the Moon, for the Moon is also Earth’s territory. You must understand Gaia, this living, sentient, benevolent soul. Whatever one accomplishes on Her, it is by Her benevolence and permission.
Why is there evil on Earth then? You can ask that as well. If Gaia is aware and allowing, why the bad things. Well my dear humans, evil is what humans do to one another and they had been behaving this way before Gaia received them. Those who perpetrate darkness are compassionately received here to have another opportunity to re-connect with the light within. It was a plan, it was foreseen, it is all in a great big picture, in a compassionate bigger picture. The cosmos has a system of educating even those who seem lost for ever. No one is cast aside from Creation, they are taken to educational experiences in special realities. Earth is, soon to change, an educational planet. Your home is a school for stubborn souls, and some of you have been very stubborn yourselves. Now you are here, seeking for light and light never fails. It doesn’t matter how long one takes, light is always waiting. For that, Earth volunteered in this mission, to educate those who needed a new chance.
Many of you volunteered as well, out of compassion and beautiful loving feelings. No guilt is ever a good cause, it has to be true love. The love you carry in your hearts is what can save you from the emotional roller coaster that is to inhabit an educational facility. Now it is time for love to enhance in proportion and magnitude. First you need to love one another, the same way Gaia loved you when she opened Her body for your incarnations. Compassion for the ignorant doesn’t mean condoning. He is here to learn, she is here to learn. Educate them with examples. Preaching pushes away, the warmth or your hearts bring them back.
The so called new agers have been to the margin, they divorced themselves from society because it was necessary. Time is changing everything, and now the need for compassion is in most hearts. Have you noticed compassion lately? How humanity decided that some things matter that didn’t a decade ago? What is really new about the way the world is behaving but that some people care, and they didn’t before? How many wars have you had in the past decades? Lost the count? No one was paying much attention and now they are. They are ready for the “new age”, they await for something that puts things in perspective. You have that to offer if you leave your bubbles.
Talk to them in a way they understand, about hope, about simple things that can be productive to saddened hearts. Is someone from this sick society less than you that retreated? We don’t see it that way and neither do you. You love them, but it had to be from afar. It was not safe to love some types of people too closely, we understand, you did such a beautiful job implementing the new energy. We deeply admire your courage. We are just saying that you made it! You did it in such an amazing way that it is possible now to leave your secret lives in the open. Let everybody know you meditate, you don’t need to tell them what to do. But once they ask, how can you be so peaceful in the middle of the storm, you simply tell them about the things they can do. Respect their beliefs, respect their time, but listen, they will come to you with curiosity and then you will know what to do. They are coming already, be approachable, be compassionate in silent wisdom.
The stars rejoice in the expansion of light we see, we are the life in this energy and we have been human once. Some of you are from the stars and you need to remember why you came, your light and your wisdom are asking to be remembered. Don’t hide from your own light, it is not arrogance, all of you have enlightened origins. Ada is a silver soul, others are pleiadians, arcturians… You are remembering and that is a wonderful thing. No consciousness was created in dis-connection, all are equality beautiful, but individually shaped. If you are a star soul, you have known all your life and this is just a moment of putting it in words. We know who you are.
This is it for now, and we are everywhere and hope to find new channels, to multiply. Our message is clear light and love, it is going to be spread in many ways. Merita received our energy years ago, she painted the codes and beautiful images that are part of this channel. Look at the images from your higher selves, read this messages with your higher selves. They are made to overcome the conditioning that is ingrained in your brains. Our messages have patterns and codes that serve the purpose of dismantling some control mechanisms that are still placed in some brains. If you feel that you still need to set free some of this things, know that it is possible and easy. Higher vibrations do that, they disintegrate all that is man made to take control of your minds. Read our messages slowly and in a low voice, steady. The energy is put in a way that is high enough to break any of such devices.
Stare at Merita’s painting for a few minutes and set the intent to free your mind. We are here to be your partners in this new energy, old energy has to go now. Time to set yourself free humans, time to reach your potential. Don’t be afraid of the memories and feelings, it is bound to happen, it is what has to come. For ever in love was your captive soul, it is free now, to remember the love it once felt for this planetary soul. A love so grand, that you volunteered to assist Her on this magnificent event. You are the light of the Earth, you have been since you were born in this incarnation. All you need is to remember.

Merita First Sun

In the light of the night sky or a sunny day, our energy is everywhere. You know us, you have been with us many times, your heart has sang us songs since the dawn of this journey to love Gaia. Re-connect with your divinity and join us in spreading light in a compassionate way. Light is never forceful, it doesn’t argue over concepts, it sets examples. How joyful have you been around other people? You can’t name yourself a light worker if you are dragging yourself around. No my dear, you need to be happy, and joyful, so others might look at you and wish to know what you have to say willingly. Abundance of joy is the best way of teaching and being light. They will feel good next to you, then they will listen.
We are a collective consciousness from the stars, in love with Gaia and humanity.
The Star Beings.

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