Guardian X – message 4

Guardian X – message 4

Today is a special day, my dear sister has found out who she really is now. She has gone through some amazing transformations in the past months, physically, not merely in the spiritual reality. She inhabits this planet in a separate manner, let me explain, she doesn’t understand that either. Ada received a new blue print in 2016, within that event something bigger than she realizes has taken place. First she was committed to a new plan in creation, since her first “contract” had been completed. She felt she was in between worlds for a few days, and could see the beautiful magnetics being re-done. Why was her magnetic field rebuilt? She thought it was the trauma of her near death, it was not. It was a present for her new incarnation. How can one incarnate again in the same body? You might ask. It is nothing new beloveds, if you go through the literature about ascended masters you will see this many times, in other words, in ways that need to be interpreted. But this new life in an old body is very common throughout the history of saints, martyrs and ascended masters. Ada is a woman, like all of you who read. Be it written very clearly that I am not comparing my dear sister to any of these historical figures. Common people can do this and that is the whole point! If you read her writings carefully you will see how human her feelings are, frustration, fear, it might disappoint some. They whisper her stories are too “human”, and yet, she has done amazing things that benefit so many. That IS the point! Are you understanding now? Ada is human, imperfect and yes, she is building a fantastic network of light that multiplies. Listen to this carefully, imagine my voice there with you: YOU CAN ACHIEVE THE UNACHIEVABLE. Whatever Ada is doing, you can. Her humanity is the proof you all needed not the opposite. This is the new Earth, the new energy. Your collective consciousness jumped to a new time-line and in this time-space things work in a different way. It is not necessary to break rules, to be a cast away, it is so much more simplified. Persistence, intent, heart. No recipe, no rules of ascension, because you don’t need to be ascended to achieve what is amazing. Yesterday’s miracle is today’s possibility. What is the miracle you have been asking for? Is it tuned in the new energy? Is your wish synchronized with the collective well being? By that I mean that your happiness must be beneficial to the Universe. Ask your higher self to show your conscious mind which wishes are the best version of your happiness. Co-create your happiness within the collective happiness and see what takes place. Now about Ada’s physical possibilities, that is something for debate if you wish, or observation, no one can tell you how to perceive what you witness. Time will show her, she has no idea, same as all of you. She has the emotions and maturity of a grown up, playing with the possibilities of a body from 2016. Ever since the shift begun, before 2012, the new children have enhanced DNA, that is it for Ada now. We all wait and see what she does from here and we wish her well. The message now beloveds is that you do not need to die tragically like her to receive the new codes. I am Guardian X of the Silver Army that has come to enhance and propel your magnetics. Now you know more about my people, that is what we do. We assist the magnetics of shifting planets, so everything is balanced and the impossible becomes possible. Lesson four, implement the belief that each and everyone of you can upgrade the magnetics of your bodies. Request your own body to connect to new energy and receive the update that is available on the grid of the planet. It is new energy indeed, that will boost not only your bodies in the obvious manners that you expect, it will boost the glands that allow you to see and understand the other realities. Be sure that this is what you want though, because it can’t be reversed after implemented. Don’t rush. Meditate, talk to your inner self. You don’t need to ask for it now, you have all the time you want, if you want. It is a gentle offer, and that is all.
In reality, many of you are doing it already, only you didn’t have the name. I gave you the name. It is the love of Creation, a natural consequence of everything you did simply by being here. My dear volunteers, you are blessed. The impossible is now possible. Rejoice, celebrate, dance and sing. Laugh and smile more please! Now that is a request ha! I request that you smile, that is fair. Don’t bother with the distorted media, things have never been as they are. Try to see it from the bigger picture, to fight for something better requires believing in something better, remember that. It is important to see the better, to have it in your hearts, or else you have nothing to offer but bitterness about the old. Take the new in your heart and you will be planting the new seeds you wish for.
Love is real, happiness is also real.
Guardian X
Ps. Some insist and inquire about my identity. Beloveds, everything has its proper time, believe me, you would connect to the oldest energy possible. Yes I was once a great man, I was also a poor slave and many things. What do they serve us in building the new energy? They would be counterproductive and one day you will understand it all. Focus on the mission of today. Live in the moment and you shall be happier.

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