Guardian X – message 3

Guardian X – message 3

Today the topic is again the revelation of time and space. I’m adding space now, because that is most important to understand a bit more. There is no time alone, it is always with space and space is one with time as well. You have learned that in Physics, but the concepts the scientists teach you don’t relate directly to your daily experiences. I will try to explain in a more relatable fashion here. Think about one moment that was very special, a happy memory that stirs your deepest emotions just to think about it. Can you separate where and when it happened, or it comes in one block of complex information? Can you say it happened at the this day and not see in your mind the place as you name the day? Or can you describe the place without thinking about when it was happening? If I give you an address and tell you to look it up, there is a certain image and scenario in this information. Time is not floating in ether, it has always a place connected to it. Even if you think globally, how much does the surface of the planet changes every year? Today’s Earth is not the same Earth of ten years ago, so whatever point on the planet I tell you to go, will be unique in unique times. No address is disconnected to when, you can see in old pictures, or paintings before pictures existed. You can ask Geology itself, how even the continents are on the move. The entire solar system is on the move, if you think in a galaxy level, then not even a second ago has the same space as the present second. So when and where are one question, it is the nature of things, not a scientific theory. Most of you, if asked about your childhood, will see streets and houses that have changed a great deal during the past decades, your mind is saying, that time happened in different space. So that is space-time in a concrete way. Soon you will understand more and more and get to a new level of comprehension. Why time-space? Because co-creation gets improved if you have clarity, and this is a basic principle to be part of your wishes. Now, every time you imagine something new, go to your heart, feel it in a time-space frame, a complete desire. Creation is listening to your dreams and your soul wishes, the brain builds ideas that must be felt in the heart to become reality. Love your dreams, feel the happiness in the present, the sensation of the wish must be present, never future. “When I get this, then, and only then I’ll be enough.” No my beloveds, you are all enough right now. God, the Creator, Spirit, name it as you feel more comfortable, we don’t mind. This benevolent force loves you as you are, right here and now. Play with time-space now, lesson number three. Use the secret ingredient of love and real emotion in your wishing process. How to wish “properly”? You ask. So many rules out there, can be confusing. There is no rule but to feel worthy in your hearts. Believe in the love of Creation, in the benevolence of the Universe. I know this reality is not easy, many of you have such obstacles and challenges, you feel tired and in disbelief in some moments. We don’t love you less when you need us though, we love you MORE. Remember who you are in those days, a piece of the light, fitting in perfectly in a 3D puzzle that is just too big to be understood in that time-space of sadness and exhaustion. This is for a dear sister that Ada took under her wings. She has a child that needs her and she is tired. Many of you are tired, we know. A different perspective is needed as well as all the other things you are doing. A perspective in which you volunteered to be there, parents and children, siblings, cousins, teachers of those who are disabled. What is disability to Spirit? It is a hero in the battle field, a compassion battle that is being won. There is a very important role being played in your reality now, that is to tech compassion and humanity to humans who don’t realize who they are in essence. They are divine too but they forgot. The so called disabled are light soldiers, bringing a push, so awareness can come back to some hearts. Blessed be those who take this challenge, blessed be those who are unique in this society of pre-conceptions. Those pre-made recipes of what a person needs to be to be accepted have to end some day soon. How would they if everybody was fitting the mold? Those old ideas would persist for ever if no one joined the forces of the so called dysfunctional. They are not, they are angels. We love you dear mother, this message is for you. I’m usually a funny spirit in my communications, I hope you don’t mind me today, it is heart felt. Ada, my dear, thank you for revealing what you did to the people you did. It was difficult, we all realize, they know. Those who read me and don’t know will know now for I have received a request from higher wisdom to tell, that my dear sister has healed herself from a medical condition that is considered not possible to be healed. That is all information we can give now, one day it will be out there, not the proper time-space yet. You can do this, humans can do this if they are patient, persistent, and dear ones, if you love yourselves. It is a journey of self-love, can’t go wrong with that. Whatever happens in case you take this journey is amazing, a little thing perhaps, a life changing thing. Because no matter how small something might be to medicine, it is huge if you do it simply because you have loved yourself more. The true miracle is not the body, the body lasts for a little while and has sometimes more noble missions, like the angels of “disability”. Maybe some of them don’t want to be healed, they chose to be who they are. But love, never too much. There is no such thing as too much, is there? So I tell you, what my sister did was this: she learned, or remembered, for the higher self knows already, love. This powerful force that is the co-creative force. Ada co-created self-love and the consequence was health. She never created health, she didn’t have any specific desire. No, her desire was self-love only, because she knew it was eternal and she would take it afterwards. Priorities are strange things beloveds, if you have light in your priority, unexpected miracles happen. Let all of you know that Ada never co-created health, not consciously, what she CREATED was love.
Blessed are the angels on Earth. Love comes through them, don’t let pre-conceptions fool you, feel the truth in your hearts. Only hearts build, only hearts really know.
Guardian X

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