Guardian X – message 2

Today I would like to bring you a new topic. Everyone is used to hear about how people on Earth have two sides, many call it duality and this concepts are a source of fear. “Why would the Creator allow darkness to be part of me if He/She is said to be benevolence in its purest form?” You wonder and you are entitled to. This question is salutary, it is the measure of one’s health, mind and soul. You need to know your essence, understand who you were made to be, what is the purpose of incarnating in duality. There are more points of view on this that I can list, and that is a good thing. For each teacher has a special way and each student needs many teachers to show different angles, so students are free to make their own ideas and concepts. Create your own ideas and never settle I say, because growing is the nature of humanity and of all things to tell the truth. If you were happy with a concept last year and now you want more of it, celebrate! It means you are growing my dear, just that. Or else you would have the mind of a toddler for ever, how would that be? Last time I told you to ask questions, today I repeat ASK QUESTIONS, it is your birth right and you need the answers or you wouldn’t be asking. What god is this that fears questions from those who love him/her? Yes, no big letters for small gods. My GOD is one of mercy, compassion and beauty. Now how may a been of infinite love take offense on a soul wanting to clarify and grow into what they know? Nonsensical idea, throw it away. I don’t care which God is your God, I love them all, I love you all, but beware of people and spiritual ideas that tell you about a god who can’t be questioned with the joy of teaching and watching you grow.
Now, about the question, and I am writing because more than one of you are hammering this in your brains. Darkness, duality, those terms are human terms and human concepts for something we, in the spiritual reality, have a different perspective. You are growing and learning, it is a process, you have all come to this reality by choice, the ones who read me. So why would anyone in their right mind choose to have “darkness”? Notice the quotation mark? I did it on purpose, I see no darkness from here beloveds, all I see is infinite light of creation growing in you. When a mother goes into labor does she refer at the pain of creating life as darkness? No! She might say, or scream (I´ve been a woman), “it is not pain, it is HORRIFIC pain!” and then she goes there and makes another baby. Pain of birth, that is what I see, with that I can agree on, but it is all light. You are creating the new man and the new woman, the new human, the new Earth, the new reality. It is tiring yes, it can be draining and painful, no doubt. But try a little to see it from this perspective that is personal to me. I told a little story about birth because so many of Ada’s readers are parents, but those who are not once were, and it is in your soul’s memory. A woman feels that she is dying some times, when labor is hard. But how does she, and the poor man that heard her screaming in agony for hours, feel once the tiny new life is cuing for the first time?
Maybe the birth pain of 3D is overwhelming sometimes, still I say, try to see it from a perspective that is compassionate. Because the real GOD, the real light of Creation, is compassion. Light brings you lessons, so you become stronger, wiser, loving… Light is a great teacher and through this pain, whatever happens to you is there to teach you how to also be a creator, co-creator, doesn’t matter how many hours of labor you get. Have you noticed that when you paint something as horrible and complain all the time, the minutes drag for ever? While when you are pro active on a task, and try to do it the best you can, and in the cheerful mood possible, time goes really fast? Time is a tricky little thing that humans have no clue how to work with. Make time your ally, play with it, co-create with time as part of the equation. One very special lady asked about the role of time and how she should use it. Here it is dear. First, forget everything you think you know about time, throw it away and clear the way. Now ask your divine self, the sacred wisdom you carry in your soul to show you more ways to grow the idea of time. Don’t count time by your clocks, your calendars, those are so going to be reviewed very soon by Physics. Throw them away, not for real or you’ll lose the dentist appointment, but in your perception. Time is an illusion, you’ve heard that many times, then what? Then you have fun and play with it!
There is the time to give birth, well yes, that is real. How can you, beloved human understanding higher dimensions, make the time of labor lighter and faster? Don’t look at the clock, throw it away now. Feel it! Time is felt in reality, it is about your perception, it is individual and unique. Yes, time, as all concepts of high consciousness, should be perceived as a unique experience. It might go extremely slow for one person and be the blink of an eye to the one sitting next to them. You have had this experience, you all have. Specially when you were children, remember how you once knew how to play with time and how much fun it was! Invite that child to teach you, because she or he knew the game. I will give you that as the homework for today. Play with time, experiment in you heart chakra, expand the green energy and see how by embracing the lessons and perceiving them as light, brings a complete shift in how long they last. I will teach more about time, I barely scratched the surface. Please think about my lessons as a fun game and remember, light consciousness give nothing but loving lessons and all the time you need to process and grow. Also remember, and you will get tired of me repeating it, that light does not give orders or ultimatums and takes questioning as a celebration of growth. Curiosity is growth, be curios, be wonderers of the multitude of views you are bombarded everyday. Information is precious, but none can replace the light given to you by the Creator. Ada has gone a long way by herself and it was very painful, but now she understood it was a present, for that made her a true master in her own wisdom. She gave birth to herself completely and absolutely alone. Can you imagine the pain? Still she never resented it and she embraced it as lessons, she remembered from the beginning how it had been her choice, how she had actually requested it. I must say something she never realized, how time went by so fast for her compared to others. Her memory is impeccable, you know her in that regards, so it is not because she skipped things, no my dear sister, you were born knowing how to play with time and use it well. That is why her skin glows and she doesn’t even resemble her age. She looks at least then years younger, those who know her better can tell that she has something. She does! Let all of you know, who have seen or heard about her youth, that Ada looks as she does because she played with time. And that is quite a revelation to Ada, you should see her face! Play with time and send your questions mentally to me. As you can see, I am listening!!
Yours, for ever in love with the light workers of Earth and beyond.
Guardian X
Ps. for those wondering about my name, yes I said you can ask anything and I don’t take offense… However, it doesn’t mean I will answer. I will off course, when the time is right and the energies allow you to know about my past on Earth without connecting to those energies. Right now, to connect with the light I teach, you need a blank page. I withhold my story so you can get used to new energies on this beautiful planet! For now.

3 thoughts on “Guardian X – message 2

  1. I just love what Mr X is doing together with you. A wonderful teacher. I have a question for him? Sometimes we are so confused with all these energies around us…we don’t even know what to ask. Do we ask how to become clear??? Ok, you answered. Thsnks.


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