Guardian X – message 1

It is an amazing journey that we begin today, since my beloved Ada accepted to type the messages I am about to tell. She listens to my voice with her soul, not her ears, because we have a deep connection that has been nursed throughout her life. I would like to say her lives, indeed, many of the stories she tells, in a near future, will display my presence, for she is finally permitted to talk about me. She didn’t know how to say it properly before, so people wouldn’t confuse our bond to other types of relationships. We are not, and have never been a couple in any way. I have been her sibling for countless eras, reappearing as that and other connections, but that my dears, is another story. Ada has no clue what I want to discuss in my messages, I didn’t give it beforehand so she wouldn’t interfere as I speak, she is hearing for the first time as she types (she can type without looking at the key board friends, you should all learn that haha). Now you wonder if this is for real or if this is Ada in another dimension or facet as she says. She is too serious, she would use another style, wouldn’t she? If you read her storytelling you know what I’m talking about. Anyway, let me introduce myself, I am X, a silver guardian. This has been my duty for a few centuries. I’ve been many things, same as all of you, if you feel it ringing a bell. You probably feel it if you are here, because that is what Ada writes about. She is a Silverine, so am I, but I have come further in the human evolution and not so much in the elemental. This made me more adapted to take human form in the X Universe. X is a code obviously, because our communication doesn’t suit your earthly years. So far I have communicated with another man, in Brazil, he doesn’t know I’m Ada’s guardian, he will get the pieces of this puzzle in time. I gave Ada a first communication under the code of “X”, a day later I gave another channeler, one she follows but never met or even talked to, another message under the code “X”, she has the message. This provided her with the confirmation she would request, because I know her well enough to guess exactly what she would say. Ada does nothing without confirmation, she is constantly putting efforts in being pro active on that, because she feels that being who she is is a great responsibility. She takes it too seriously sometimes, but it is for the best, light beings are never afraid of questions, learn that from her. Questions only hurt those acting from the ego, the light doesn’t take offense, why would it? Why would I take offense on her being cautious about what she tells people? I am not dear sister… Never. I only love her the way she is and dear ones she is not perfect, no one is expected to be perfect in the spiritual dimension to receive light work. We put light work on the laps of those who have the heart to do it, perfection is for other realms. You ARE all perfect in our eyes, one day I’ll explain how magnificent you all are to us. Brave soldiers. I’ll say this for now, if you are reading this, your vibration has brought you here, so if you are reading my words now, you have volunteered to assist the transition. I don’t care how many flaws and weaknesses you believe you have, you were told you have, that is nonsense. I will quote my dear sister Ada on this “only hearts co-create”. She is wise beyond her years, doesn’t like flattery, is blushing now… Sister, my heart is yours, don’t be ashamed of being loved, you need to say nothing but thank you. Dear readers, learn the lesson that I come to teach my sister, I had to come to tell her this and I’ll tell all of you then, listen YOU ARE ENOUGH AS YOU ARE, DEEPLY LOVED AND CARE BY THE LIGHT OF CREATION, hope the big letters were loud enough. “But I want to know more about the silver beings!” Most of you are thinking by now. I’ll be back many times, don’t worry. One thing at a time, because my dears, X’s messages will all come with homework, yes, a new way of giving messages. I am guardian X, of the silver universe, and today I kindly ask of you to go in front of the mirror and say a big out loud “I love you”. “Oh, X, everybody knows this, all of us have done this”. You might even roll your eyes now, it’s ok, remember, I don’t take offense ha. Did you say it with your brain or your heart dear? It only works if it comes solely from your heart. I’ll be back soon with new information and a new request. Please keep in your memory something very important, light emissaries do not give orders or ultimatums, light consciousness give loving information and all the time and room to process as you need. All right? Now don’t flood poor Ada with questions that she wont be able to answer, she has a book to think about for a few months, you will like it, I’m almost the main star, after her off course. She blushes again, but she is used to me. The messages I have to write are new to her as they are to you, she needs her brain for herself now, my goal is to keep information flowing for everyone in a close to real time fashion. See you soon, yes, I see you as you read and my loving energies are shared. You might see a silver line around your heart chakra, the sensation can be different than you are used to, it is unique. Those of you who work with energy will be able to tell the difference, energizing, joyful and loving. Sometimes even a subtle tingling, it is benevolent and goes away in a minute.
Love is real!
Guardian X

2 thoughts on “Guardian X – message 1

  1. I love you Guardian x.
    Thank you for the wave of love that you sent me in the end. And the HUG.
    Thank you Ada for bringing us more beautiful knowledge.


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