Passover and Easter

Two children were walking outside their village when they saw a woman sitting alone in the desert. One of the children got very angry at the people who left the woman alone without water, he started to curse, shaking his fists and jumping with rage. The other child, however, walked away in silence. “How can you walk away like this?” yelled the angry boy. “She needs water, I’m going to get it…” When he came back with a small jug of water, the other boy was so exhausted from his rage that he had become more thirsty than the woman. Both of them loved her equally, but only one actually helped.
Either we are aware of it not, for many, Passover and Easter have become a time of sorrow, resentment and anger. Dark consciousness feed from celebrations that focus more on slavery and blood sheds than freedom and compassion; with imagery filled with blood, chains and thorns instead of HOPE. It is time to bring a new perspective of real celebration. Even those who do not celebrate it are affected by the energy put out there, be it destructive or productive, we have the choice. The answer is love and light. Our planet is the woman in the desert, she needs less resentment and more water.
The mind’s job is to created concepts, to review them and elaborate better concepts. But only our hearts co-create. So during challenging times, how can we calm the angry child in us, so we spend our energies going after what is really productive? Children are never still, they need to be engaged on something, engage your inner child in active love and compassion! Go to your heart, ask the brain to step aside for a moment and let the love for our planet overflow in you. Visualize Earth as living being, with a soul, love this soul. Trust Her ability to heal herself, to bring life to the desert! You’ve seen it, She can do it anywhere, life is everywhere.
Feel the love of Creation She carries, how peaceful this magnificent soul is. Learn from Her, because Her answer is always the same: healing and abundance. Lets give her light now, together we can make it magical and this light has a concrete power of change. Whenever you feel anger swallowing your mind, engage your inner child and get him or her busy doing something nice for another. You might think your light is only a drop, well, what is the Ocean but an infinite collection of drops? Believe in the power of every small drop, we are giving our drops of water together and creating oceans of light.



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