My donation your donation

Dear friends, I have received some requests for personal interactions, some people also want to know if they can contribute with my work. I don’t see people privately for now, but I have put a link for donations on the front page. Writing these pages is my life and I am amazed and honored to hear from so many people. It is a blessing for me whenever I touch someone else’s life.
“I jumped off the cliff into the Infinite. The Universe had given me a treasure and I held it tight. I become Its guardian, my promise was to multiply. I am Ada and being the Multidimensional Storyteller is my life. I offer my work to the Universe, knowing It will take care of me.
If your heart feels like contributing to this work, you can make a donation. Any amount is a precious gift. It is an honor to touch someone’s life through my gifts as well.
Extra: I am available for interviews and new ideas. As long as it can be shared with everyone! Get in touch.”

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